Scott Kaspar Pledges to Donate Majority of Congressional Salary to Charity

June 9, 2022
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June 9, 2022

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IL-6 GOP Candidate Scott Kaspar Pledges to Donate Majority of Congressional Salary to Charity
Kaspar will only accept $37,306 salary based on U.S. Census Bureau Per Capita Income in Illinois from 2016-2020

Orland Park, IL – Republican U.S. congressional candidate Scott Kaspar, IL-6 pledges that if he is elected to Congress, he will only accept a $37,306 annual salary and donate the rest to charity. Members of Congress earn an annual salary of $174,000. Kaspar will only accept a $37,306 annual salary which is the state average per capita income for our state – a figure that’s based on the 2016-2020 U.S. Census Bureau data for Illinois.

“At a time when every day hard-working Americans are struggling financially, it would be inappropriate and wrong for me to accept the $174,000 annual congressional salary,” said GOP candidate Scott Kaspar. “Under the failed Biden administration, gas prices and inflation continue to rise with no end in sight – and the victims of this incompetent president continue to be hard-working people who are just trying to provide for their family,” said Kaspar.

In addition to donating $136,694 annually back to charity, Kaspar is challenging other candidates to do the same.

“Public service is about serving the people – and so I encourage my fellow candidates in the 6th congressional district and across our state to do the same.”

Scott Kaspar is a pro-Life, pro-Family, pro-Law and Order and pro-Second Amendment America First Republican.

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