Scott Kaspar's opponent driven by politics in their campaign. But Scott Kaspar's not a politician.

April 5, 2022
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Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau Kicks Political Opponent off Orland Park Board

Orland Park, IL – Yesterday, Republican Congressional candidate Scott Kaspar was
removed from the Orland Park Police Pension Fund Board by his congressional opponent Mayor Keith Pekau. Mayor Pekau then orchestrated last night, a vote by the Orland Park Village Board to give cover to his politically motivated decision earlier in the day.

Mr. Kaspar’s time on the board was set to expire in June. Mayor Pekau is running against Mr. Kaspar for Congress in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.

On March 21, 2022, the Kaspar for Congress campaign released a 39-second video highlighting the fact that despite crime being at a 27-year low in Orland Park, crime is still out of control. The video features news articles titled “Another convicted felon arrested with a handgun” and “2 Carjacked at Gunpoint in Orland Park Jewel-Osco Parking Lot.” Both the Mayor and Orland Park Trustees took offense to the video highlighting a crime wave within the community.

But just a few weeks earlier during a March 7, 2022, Village of Orland Park Board Meeting, Village Trustee Brian J. Riordan said that every Friday night he gets a crime report for Orland Park. “We are on the precipice; our police officers are stressed in terms of the encounters they have with individuals with unbelievable amount of weapons.” Trustee Riordan concluded his remarks by saying, “with these kinds of statistics, every single Friday we look at this, it’s impossible this is not going to end badly for us, for our officers and for who knows who surrounding the area.”

Trustee Sean Kampos echoed comments made by his colleague. “We see stats, like one stat that rings in my mind is this past week…21 confiscated guns in 18 days. That’s guns in the hands of convicted felons.” Trustee Kampos concluded his remarks by saying, “this is our police force finding people with illegal weapons before they have the opportunity to commit another serious crime.”

Mayor Pekau concluded by saying, “and as pointed out, this will end badly somewhere in Cook County or DuPage County or Will County or Lake County; one of the neighboring counties and it will all stem from Cook County. This is gonna end badly somewhere. The numbers; they speak for themselves.”

During a January 17, 2022, Village of Orland Park Board Meeting, Chief of Police Joe Mitchell presented a PowerPoint presentation where he highlighted the following statistics: In 2021, the Orland Park Police Department made 71 firearms arrests. This equates to a firearm arrest once every 5 days. The police chief also highlighted in graphs, the steep rise in the average number of weapon arrests per week. In 2019, its very low, but in 2021, its skyrocketing. The presentation also included photos of the weapons seized by the police department – handguns and semi-automatic guns – very dangerous guns that were seized right here in Orland Park. The presentation concluded with Stolen Motor Vehicles 10 Year Review. In 2014, 8 vehicles were stolen. In 2021, 31 vehicles.

The crime data that the Village of Orland Park Trustees and the Mayor are receiving every Friday is alarming – and it’s why I have created a Public Safety Task Force chaired by former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who on September 11, 2001, oversaw the largest rescue and recovery effort in U.S. history. Commissioner Kerik also lost an astounding 23 police officers that day. Commissioner Kerik remains the most decorated police commissioner in the history of the New York City Police Department.

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