The IRS is launching new programs to make filing easier as the 2024 tax season begins


As the 2024 tax season begins across the country on Monday, the Internal Revenue Service is offering some new services that it says will help make filing easier for taxpayers.

The IRS applies now Free file And Live file To qualify taxpayers and expand personal services through it Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

The new programs come after an infusion of supplemental funding provided to the IRS through Inflation reduction law.

“As our transformation efforts take hold, taxpayers will continue to see significant improvement in IRS operations in the upcoming filing season,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “IRS staff is working hard to make sure the new funding is used to help taxpayers by making the tax preparation and filing process easier.”

Photo: The United States flag flies over the International Revenue Service headquarters building on January 3, 2024, in Washington, D.C.

The United States flag flies over the IRS headquarters building on January 3, 2024, in Washington, DC

J. David Ackie/Getty Images, file

Free File provides taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $79,000 or less access to IRS partner tax software to enable them to file for free. All taxpayers are eligible to use Free fillable file formsAlthough this option does not come with much guidance.

Live File Option is a shareware program that offers free federal tax returns with step-by-step instructions. The 2024 season will see a phased rollout plan, so it won’t be available to all taxpayers right away.

Only a small number of taxpayers will be able to access the program at the beginning of the filing season, but it is expected to be more widely available by mid-March in 12 participating states: Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada and New Hampshire. New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington State and Wyoming.

IRA funding has also allowed the IRS to expand its personal services. 50 Taxpayer Assistance Centers It has been Opened or reopened using the funds and will operate expanded hours for the 2024 recording season.

For a quick and easy return, the IRS says electronic filing with direct deposit is still the best option for taxpayers, but no matter how people file, it’s important to hold off until they receive all income-related documents.

The IRS expects to file nearly 129 million individual tax returns this season.

Taxpayers living in Maine and Massachusetts have until April 17 of this year to file returns, but most returns must be filed by the April 15, 2024 tax deadline.

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