Mississippi gubernatorial election results 2023


Republican incumbent Tate Reeves faces Democratic challenger Brandon Pressley.

November 7, 2023, 10:56 am

Voters in Mississippi go to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes in this year’s gubernatorial election.

Polls open at seven in the morning and close at seven in the evening, local time.

The deadline for voter registration was October 9, while mail-in registration applications had to be postmarked on or by October 10.

Finding a polling place is as easy as visiting the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office website and entering the address. Voters will need a valid photo ID or Mississippi voter ID card.

Photo: Tate Reeves, Mississippi Governor, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, August 5, 2022.

Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, August 5, 2022.

Dylan Hollingsworth/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILE

The importance of the state

Mississippi is one of only three states holding a gubernatorial election this year. Republican Governor Tate Reeves is running against Democratic challenger Brandon Pressley.

Gwendolyn Gray, a former independent candidate, will still appear on the ballot even after she withdraws on October 9.

Reeves won his election by just 5% in 2019. This was a surprisingly close race in a socially conservative Southern state where Republicans routinely win by wide margins. As a result, Mississippi Democrats hope they can defeat Reeves in this year’s race.

However, most analysts consider Reeves the favorite to win re-election, given the state’s partisan orientation. The latest numbers also made him obtain higher votes than his competitors. According to 538.

However, Pressley, who has represented the Northern District on the Mississippi Public Service Commission since 2008, is still considered a strong candidate for the general election.

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