The Supreme Court has ordered gun parts makers to comply with rules regarding ghost guns


Washington (AFP) – supreme court The Biden administration on Monday ordered two online gun parts sellers to comply with a regulation the Biden administration is aiming for Ghost gunsFirearms that are difficult to trace because they do not have serial numbers.

The court had intervened once before, by a 5-4 vote in August, to keep the regulation in effect after a lower court had invalidated it. No justice publicly objected to Monday’s order, which followed a ruling by a federal judge in Texas that exempted the two companies, Blackhawk Manufacturing Group and Defense Distributed, from complying with the order. Organize ghost gun groups.

The administration told the Supreme Court in its filing that other makers of gun parts were also seeking similar injunctions.

“Absent relief from this Court, untraceable stealth weapons will remain widely available to anyone with a computer and a credit card — without the need for a background check,” wrote Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, the administration’s lead Supreme Court lawyer.

The regulation changed the definition of a firearm under federal law to include incomplete parts, such as the frame of a pistol or the receiver of a long rifle, so that they can be more easily traced. These parts must be licensed and include serial numbers. Manufacturers must also conduct background checks before selling, as they do with other commercially manufactured firearms.

This requirement applies regardless of how the firearm is made, meaning it includes ghost weapons made from individual parts or assemblies or by 3D printers.

The regulation will be in effect while the administration appeals the judge’s ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans — and possibly the Supreme Court.

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