Trump charges: Polls show half of Americans want him to suspend his campaign, and more junk food


The latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, conducted Aug. 15-17, shows some of the problems former President Donald Trump is having with regard to public opinion on the mounting criminal charges amid his bid to return to the White House.

The poll, released after his fourth indictment, on efforts to reverse his 2020 loss in Georgia, shows he has yet to get the bounce back after the indictment with the Americans he campaigned for.

“Anytime they file an indictment, we lead in the polls,” Trump bragged at a GOP dinner in Montgomery, Alabama, earlier this month. “We need another indictment to close this election. Another indictment that ends with this election.”

But the ABC News/Ipsos poll — which follows three other polls this year in the wake of Trump’s accusations in three other indictments, all of which he denies — suggests that although Republicans still largely support him, he faces problems with the wider public. general.

President Joe Biden, who Trump could face next year in a rematch of the 2020 race, is struggling to secure a weak preferential rating and appears to have not received a boost even as many Americans say they want Trump to suspend his campaign.

PHOTO: Former President Donald Trump speaks at the 56th Annual Silver Elephant Gala in Columbia, South Carolina, August 5, 2023.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the 56th Annual Silver Elephant Gala in Columbia, South Carolina, August 5, 2023.

Artie Walker Jr/Ap

There is no sustained bounce back after impeachment with the GOP, but he is still the front runner

Trump is now charged in four criminal cases: in federal court in Florida and Washington, and in state court in Georgia and New York. He denies any wrongdoing and promotes the charges against him as political rocket fuel, bringing him closer to a base he helped make suspicious of the criminal justice system he is investigating.

according to FiveThirtyEightThe former president saw a boost in primary polls after his first impeachment in New York. Fundraising in the second quarter of 2023, amid its mounting legal troubles, was also nearly double the previous period.

But despite his claims, the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll shows no significant improvement for him among Republicans since the previous ABC News/Ipsos poll, conducted early this month after Trump was impeached for the third time. regarding corruption. 6 January and pressure to overturn his electoral defeat.

Earlier this month, 20% of Republicans said Trump should suspend his campaign, and 14% said he should have been charged in the January 6 indictment.

Those results were unchanged in the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, with 20% of Republicans saying Trump should suspend his campaign and 15% saying he should have been indicted in Georgia.

More broadly, Americans’ approval or disapproval ratings for Trump remain very low, according to the latest poll: 31% favor and 55% disapprove — essentially unchanged from the previous poll.

Meanwhile, Trump remains the frontrunner so far for the Republican presidential nomination, according to FiveThirtyEight polling averageNationals, by 40 points over nearest competitor Ron DeSantis

Half of Americans want Trump out of the race

Earlier this month, 49% of adults in an ABC News/Ipsos poll said Trump should suspend his campaign — and 50% said the same in the latest poll. Only about a third of Americans in these polls don’t think Trump should suspend his campaign, and the rest are undecided.

This number portends some of the struggles Trump will face if he reaches the general election.

Trump’s Republican critics have for months lamented his primaries and insisted he would be a liability in the general election given his weight – even as his campaign denounced the accusations as “un-American”.

“All of this is going to continue to tire him,” Mike Duheim, an advisor to former New Jersey Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, told ABC News before the release of the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll.

“He’s been very skilled up until this point, but I think eventually the weight will get to him,” Duheim said of Trump.

PHOTO: Former President Donald Trump arrives for a hearing at the New York State Supreme Court, April 4, 2023, in New York.

Former President Donald Trump arrives for a hearing at the New York State Supreme Court, April 4, 2023, in New York.

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And Biden is still stuck in the doldrums

Despite the public’s views on Trump’s accusations, Biden continues to struggle with his approval ratings among American adults, according to recent ABC News/Ipsos polls.

And earlier this month, 33% of adults said they had a favorable view of the president.

In the latest poll, 31% of adults said they had a favorable view of Biden, the same rating as Trump’s approval.

Democrats seek to play down concerns about Biden’s ability to survive, seeking instead to tout his legislative victories in office and the party’s relative success in last year’s midterm elections.

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