President Joe Biden hosts Costa Rican President Chavez at the White House


Washington (AFP) – President Joe Biden will host Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chavez at the White House on Tuesday, following an agreement between the two countries on possible legal pathways for immigrants.

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said in a statement on Wednesday that the two leaders will discuss how the two countries can “build inclusive and sustainable economies … promote democratic values ​​in the region, promote safe and orderly immigration … and address regional issues.” security challenges.”

In recent years, Costa RicaThe city, with a population of 5 million, has become one of the world’s leading locations for asylum claims.

In June, Costa Rica and the United States agreed to open possible legal pathways to the United States for some migrants from Nicaragua and Venezuela who are among the 240,000 asylum-seekers in the Central American country.

The agreement aims to relieve pressure on Costa Rica’s overburdened asylum system and avoid asylum seekers who could forgo the slow process in Costa Rica and head instead to the US-Mexico border.

Chavez said in December that the policies were being abused by people just looking to come to work and leave, and that the policies would be tightened. As an alternative, officials offered a two-year work permit to Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and Cubans in return for dropping their asylum cases in the long term.

Meanwhile, the United States grapples with an increasing number of Immigrants to the US-Mexico border It has cracked down on illegal crossings with widened lanes.

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