Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman says a decision on the stadium’s location will come soon


The Kansas City Royals are continuing to evaluate their options regarding a new stadium, but news could be coming soon on that front.

The Royals are considering multiple locations in the surrounding downtown area. The club has previously released two stadium designs with proposed venues in different locations. The options under consideration include: Eastern Village area And a Possible location North of Kansas City.

The star too Reported conversations From a second location in the city center. The Royals reportedly considered building the stadium on the general site of the former Kansas City Star Press Pavilion at 1601 McGee Street near downtown’s South Loop.

On Saturday, Royals owner John Sherman spoke about the proposed stadium plans. Sherman said the Royals will look to announce more details about the stadium location by the end of February.

He took it one step further. Sherman remained hopeful that a decision on the stadium would be made in the coming days.

“We plan to do this meaningfully before the February 29 date,” Sherman said. “You know, some people are raising the issue of early voting, and I think veterans can start voting on February 16. Our goal is to move meaningfully forward on that, and you’ll know more about when that will happen very quickly.”

Why is the February 29 deadline important?

The royal family is Reliance on voters in Jackson County to agree to extend the 3/8-cent stadium sales tax over the next 40 years. The stadium sales tax proposal will be on the April 2 ballot.

If renovated, the stadium sales tax would go toward building the Royals’ new stadium, renovating Arrowhead Stadium and providing both teams with income to pay for operations and stadium maintenance.

This action became a topic of conversation. Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. expressed concerns about the renewal of the stadium sales tax. He finally decided that Objection to the proposed action.

However, Jackson County officials He chose to override the veto By a vote of 7 to 2, paving the way for the proposed tax to be put on the ballot.

Now the decision to renew the stadium sales tax is in the hands of voters. the First day of absentee voting in Jackson County It is February 20th. Additionally, military and overseas voters can begin submitting absentee ballots on February 16.

Sherman mentioned that both the Royals and Chiefs are working under a model similar to the current stadium sales tax agreement.

“I like to get back to the fact that these teams are important to the community,” Sherman said. “We want to make sure they thrive here for the next 50 years. This is the same tax, a better deal. More benefits to the community and the county in terms of concessions.”

However, there are details that each side must work out. This includes Community benefit agreements Which will need to detail plans for living wages for workers and other potential benefits.

The bosses also did not specify this How they plan to spend the money From sales tax. Neither team has it They decide how much they will invest. However, they promised to be accountable for any cost overruns on the stadium projects once the budget is finalized.

“We will complete a community benefits agreement,” Sherman said. “We have to finalize the lease terms for the county and then we have to run a campaign. This campaign will be a very positive campaign for a yes vote.”

Sherman views the campaign as an opportunity to gain voter support. the Royal family I released a promotional advertisement In January he asks to let voters in Jackson County decide.

Sherman also hopes White will be supportive of the stadium push.

“It would be great if Frank was on board (with it), but you know, we’re going to move forward regardless,” Sherman said. “And I think we have a good plan with the Legislature and with the Athletic Commission.”

The Royals plan to open the new stadium at the start of the 2028 season. The proposed $2 billion stadium project will see the Royals Pledging $1 billion in private investment to absorb the cost of the entertainment district.

While there have been many extended delays regarding the royals’ self-imposed deadlines, Sherman believes the urgency still prevails.

“I think, you know, now is the time for a whole host of reasons, not just that the city has great momentum,” Sherman said. “We think these will be special projects, both here (or) for what the leaders are doing, and that’s certainly downtown and creating a district.”

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