Are you looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s Day? Name a cockroach after your loved one…or your ex


Is knowledge yours? language of love?

Maybe scary creatures are just your and your partner’s thing.

the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences Offering Houston residents and visitors the opportunity to adopt a Madagascar hissing cockroach as an expression of eternal affection.

The promotion is known as “Endless Love” and supports the museum’s Cockerell Butterfly Centre.

How do you name a cockroach for Valentine’s Day?

Guests can adopt an “Endless Love” Madagascar cockroach for just $10 and name him after a loved one or perhaps a former lover. The cockroaches live in a miniature “Heartbreak Motel” located in the museum’s gift shop. A $10 donation also includes a enamel pin And a testimony.

What is a hissing cockroach?

According to the museum, there are more than 20 species of “hissing” cockroaches that hail from Madagascar. These large insects have no wings but are powerful climbers. the Hissing It comes from the air they expel through their bodies as a way to ward off predators. They are often kept as exotic pets and are also bred as food for other exotic species, such as reptiles.

When does “Endless Love” end?

The museum’s “Endless Love” cockroach program runs through February 15. If your partner doesn’t like bugs, there’s always chocolate.

This article originally appeared on the Austin American-Statesman website: Are you looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s Day? Name the hissing cockroach

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