Amazon is launching an AI assistant called Rufus. this is the reason


Amazon has released a new AI-powered assistant within its shopping app to help customers, called Rufus.

On a Thursday statementthe technology company described Rufus as an expertly trained shopping tool to help customers with their “shopping, product and comparison needs, provide recommendations based on that context, and facilitate product discovery within the same Amazon shopping experience that customers regularly use.”

the statement He also provided examples of queries Rufus could answer, such as “What are clean beauty products?”, “What are good gifts for Valentine’s Day?” and “Is this pickleball paddle good for beginners?”

Last October, an article by Interested in trade Amazon expected to undertake an AI initiative and referred to the plan as Project Nile, which has now been confirmed.

The AI ​​assistant was released on Thursday as a beta test for a select group of US consumers, and will be gradually rolled out to the remaining US accounts in the coming weeks, according to the British Daily Mail. Fox Business.

If Rufus does well for Amazon, he supposed New York timesThere is a possibility that Amazon is making money from Google and various social media sites, which have allegedly tried to intrude into Amazon’s business through independent sellers.

Why is the AI ​​assistant called Rufus?

according to New York timesAmazon employees are allowed to bring dogs into their office buildings, and one of the first dogs to roam the company was named Rufus.

The Welsh Corgi was owned by Susan and Richard Benson, who worked for Amazon during the company’s early days. Interested in trade mentioned.

The corgi was so loved by Amazon employees that Rufus got his own dog Amazon page. The page describes him as “the master of chasing tennis balls down the hallway” and refers to him as “Amazon’s shortest volunteer worker.”

Doesn’t Amazon already have an AI advantage?

Last fall, Amazon Web Services announced its Q artificial intelligence program, which, according to… Fox BusinessIt is designed to help companies with business efficiency and code engineering.

Named after James Bond and Star Trek characters, Q was released to compete with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and later became a premium choice as productivity software, according to CNBC.

And last April CNBC It mentioned that Amazon Web Services was launching Bedrock, an AI language modeling service used to help optimize software for its cloud infrastructure.

New York times He said the Q-related ads indicated that Amazon was developing a way to make its Alexa voice assistant more communicative with consumers, which ultimately led to the creation of Rufus.

What company executives said

according to Fox Business“You can have a conversation with Rufus about other related or unrelated questions, and it keeps the context coherent,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said during the company’s earnings call on Thursday.

“You can sift through our rich product pages by asking Rufus questions about any product features, and it will quickly return the answers,” he added.

for every New York timesCustomers are likely to use Amazon first when searching for a product, but with the rise of other shopping options on TikTok and Google, Amazon created Rufus as a way to draw consumers directly to Amazon — even those who know exactly what they want.

“You will still be able to search in the search bar if you are very clear about what you want,” Brian Olsavsky, the company’s chief financial officer, said on Thursday, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. New York times. “Rufus is here to help you explore, and perhaps if you have more questions.”

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