A Casa Grande resident died after a parachute problem while skydiving in Eloy


A man died Wednesday while attempting to skydive in Eloy after a problem with his parachute, officials said.

Sgt. Terry Gardner, 73, died while skydiving at Sky Dive Arizona after making a difficult landing without a fully deployed parachute, said Jeremy Sammons of the Eloy Police Department.

Gardner, a Casa Grande resident, and three other divers completed a formation that did not appear to be the cause of the accident, police said.

Police said Fire Department personnel rendered aid to Gardner, and he was taken to Casa Grande Banner Hospital, where he died.

The FAA will inspect the canopy to determine the cause of the problem.

The accident comes several weeks after four people were killed in a hot air balloon crash in Eloy.

This article originally appeared on the Arizona Republic website: A Casa Grande resident died while skydiving in Eloy

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