Trump’s ruling on civil fraud damages may not come until mid-February


Ruling in the New York civil fraud trial against the former president Donald Trump It may not come until mid-February, a court spokesman said in a statement.

“It appears to be early to mid-February, as a rough estimate, subject to adjustments,” said Al Baker, spokesman for the New York State Office of Court Administration. “But that is the business plan now.” Baker added that Judge Arthur Engoron will issue a written decision and a press conference will not be held.

The closing arguments were in the trial, which lasted three months Delivered in court On January 11, Engoron, who is overseeing the case, said he was aiming for a ruling by January 31, though he noted that was not a guarantee.

In early January, New York Attorney General Letitia James He called for a $370 million fine on Trump and his companies and a lifetime ban for him and two former executives of his companies. of the real estate sector in the country. The Attorney General also requested that a five-year ban be imposed on Trump’s eldest children. Donald Trump Jr And Eric Trumpunder the same conditions.

James had originally sought damages estimated at $250 million from Trump and his company.

The former president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the case, calling the lawsuit a “partisan witch hunt” and vowing to appeal the judge’s ruling.

The trial began in early October, testimony in the case concluded in December and closing arguments in January. Trump, who has won both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary so far, attended part of the trial.

On December 18th to ruleEngoron said he was not convinced by the Trump team’s arguments that the financial statements were not inflated and that such assessments are subjective.

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