Fanny Willis, the attorney general who charged Trump in Georgia, has been subpoenaed by the House GOP


Washington – Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan The district attorney was summoned Fanny Willis of Fulton County, Georgia, is demanding documents from her office after allegations that Willis fired a whistleblower who tried to prevent a top campaign aide from misusing federal funds.

The subpoena, obtained by NBC News, is part of a filing Bsoder public relationsobedience By Jordan, Ohio Republicans, and House Republicans on whether Willis used federal funds in her more than two-year investigation into former President Donald Trump, who was indicted in Fulton County last year on charges that he tried to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election. Presidential election results. Trump pleaded not guilty.

In a letter on Friday, Jordan said Willis had failed to comply with two previous requests for documents related to her office’s use of federal grant funds. The subpoena calls for the district attorney’s office to produce documents and communications “that refer to or relate to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office’s receipt and use of federal funds” and “that refer to or relate to any allegations of misuse of federal funds.”

Willis’s office has convicted Jordan requests, writing last year in a letter to him that “there is no justification in the Constitution for Congress to intervene in a state criminal matter.”

Politics Political Political Law Lawyer Legal Da (Getty Images/AP)

Politics Political Political Law Lawyer Legal Da (Getty Images/AP)

Jordan’s push to obtain the documents comes in the wake of allegations that the district attorney’s office retaliated against a staffer who tried to stop what she said was the misuse of Justice Department grant funding by a top Willis campaign aide.

The former District Attorney’s Office employee told Willis she was demoted after she warned a Willis campaign aide about misusing federal grant funding allocated to youth gang prevention efforts, according to Call recording This was reported by the conservative newspaper Washington Free Beacon. Two months later, the employee was “abruptly fired” and “seven armed investigators escorted her out of her office,” Jordan’s letter said, citing the report.

“Instead of using these federal grant funds for their intended purpose of helping at-risk youth, your office sought to use grant funds to obtain Macbooks… swag… [and] Use it for travel,” Jordan wrote. “Furthermore, the whistleblower’s immediate supervisor stated that these planned expenses were part of.” [your] Vision.'”

“These allegations raise serious concerns about whether you adequately oversaw the spending of federal grant funding allocated to your office and whether you took actions to conceal your office’s unlawful use of federal funds,” he added.

Willis’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the circumstances of the employee’s departure.

He confronts Willis Wider scrutiny Related to her impeachment trial against Trump Election interference case in Georgia after one defendant alleged that she improperly benefited from the hiring of an outside attorney allegedly Willis’s romantic partner.

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