DA: Kingston man accused of stabbing and drugging dog to death to undergo mental health evaluation


Kingston man charged with He stabbed his dog to death after trying to poison it With fentanyl he appeared in Plymouth District Court Thursday afternoon.

Pay Jonathan E. Paluzzi, 44, pleaded not guilty to two counts of cruelty to animals and one count of possession of a first-degree substance, fentanyl, according to Plymouth County Prosecutor Timothy J. Cruz.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kingston police said they responded to an apartment complex on Kingston Collection Road after a 911 caller heard signs of a struggle between a person and a dog, followed by a statement similar to “Don’t touch me,” followed by the phrase “Don’t touch me.” Total silence.

Arriving officers found a deceased 60-pound Bull-Terrier mix named Brutus in the apartment, according to law enforcement officials.

During a subsequent investigation, police said the dog’s owner, Paluzzi, committed the murder by trying to poison the animal with drugs. When that didn’t work, Paluzzi allegedly stabbed Brutus to death before leaving the apartment.

Investigators reportedly collected evidence inside the apartment including fresh blood and a set of bent grill forks.

Paluzzi, who was allegedly in possession of a pack of cigarettes containing a white powdery substance, was immediately arrested after returning home while police were still there.

After an evaluation by a mental health doctor on Thursday, the judge ordered Paluzzi to undergo a 20-day evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital, according to the district attorney’s office.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates when more information is available.

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