Businesses, their owners and Rosa Parks are highlighted on RTA buses in Black History Month


The RTA Calendar Bus will roll out again today and throughout February with a special focus on Black business owners to celebrate Black History Month.

This month’s campaign was the result of the work of a committee of RTA employees and the Urban League of Southwest Ohio, which selected businesses in Montgomery County close to RTA roads. RTA of Greater Dayton highlights the stories of these Black business owners, who share who and what inspired their journeys and offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Each owner provided key facts about their business as well as stories of their inspiration. Their answers will be displayed on the RTA website and shared on social media, along with company photos and a video with its owners.

“Being entrepreneurs definitely allows us to have the freedom to be creative and the opportunity for financial and personal growth,” said Paula Willis, co-owner of Now and Zen DIY Studio in Dayton.

“We are a family business, owned by mother and daughter, and this makes our business journey feel safe and private. Our plan is for this business to become a family legacy and to be in the Dayton area, and perhaps beyond for years to come.”

Passengers on RTA fixed lines will be able to read about their owners and their businesses through the internal cards displayed on these buses. Each card will include a QR code that passengers can scan to take them to the RTA’s Black History Month website.

Also on each fixed-route bus, a special Rosa Parks sign will be used to reserve one seat in appreciation of her role in making every seat available to everyone. On December 1, 1955, Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and was arrested. Its rejection was the main spark of the civil rights movement.

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