A Washington man who lost his home to the Tunnel 5 fire is suing BNSF over the train that started the fire


A Washington resident is suing BNSFClaiming that the railway company is responsible for this Tunnel fire 5 That destroyed his home and others near the Columbia River Gorge last summer.

He is seeking $100,000 in damages, and points out how the fire was sparked by sparks that came off one of the BNSF trains. The Washington Department of Natural Resources has also since confirmed that train debris was indeed what started the fire.

But the lawsuit alleges that BNSF did not use available technology that could have reduced the fire risk.

The company says it does not comment on pending lawsuits, but has confirmed that it conducts regular fire risk assessments.

The Tunnel 5 Fire destroyed at least 10 homes and burned more than 540 acres across Skamania County.

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