Video shows a woman clinging to the hood of the kidnappers’ alleged car in Los Angeles


Police in Los Angeles were searching for a group of alleged thieves who fled with a French bulldog while its owner held on to the hood of a car, a scene captured by a bystander’s cellphone video.

The theft was reported on January 18 in downtown Los Angeles. She added that the owner, Ali Zakaria, was eating lunch around 2:30 pm outside the Whole Foods Market when she noticed that the dog had pulled its leash to wander away.

“I look up and there’s a woman holding him,” she said. “She’s riding in a car behind her.”

Zakaria said she was a little stunned and still trying to understand what was happening. My first thought was that there had been some misunderstanding, so I chased the woman down and explained that the dog, Onyx, was hers.

Theft of a pure breed dog (Los Angeles Police)

Theft of a pure breed dog (Los Angeles Police)

“The last thing I would do is stand in front of a car,” said Zakaria, who runs a custom clothing business in downtown Los Angeles. “I was trying to put my body there. They hit me with the car until I fell on the hood. I held on to the window wipers.”

The driver was not stopped.

She said there were three women, including the alleged dog thief, and one man who was the driver. Los Angeles police said Monday they were searching for two possible suspects: a man and a woman, both about 25 years old.

Zakaria said that the car sped off, while she was holding on to it, and spread across the hood.

“They were swerving to kick me out,” she said.

It worked. She said she was thrown from the hood of a car a few blocks away and suffered cuts and bruises. She added that the police arrived within two minutes and set off in an attempt to chase the car, but returned empty-handed.

Zakaria added that paramedics arrived and wanted to take her to a medical facility, but she refused.

She said that over the weekend, while she was receiving tips, she was lured into a scam.

One man said he lives in a dorm where the dog is kept, and he said he could help if I could send $50 for gas so he could get to a place where they could meet. Zakaria said he went incommunicado after receiving the money on Sunday.

Another tip said he saw a distinctive-looking French bulldog in a cart with shoppers at a dollar store in Gardena. Zakaria said she believed this information might be legitimate because the car had dealer license plate tires that said “Gardena.”

An LAPD spokesperson had no updates on the case.

Zakaria said Los Angeles officers were investigating her and told her it might be more than just a case of dog theft: Since she was hit by the car, described as a white Kia sedan, it could also be a case of assault with a deadly weapon, he said.

Onyx is a little over a year old and has eyes that are not identical in color, making him special, Zakaria said. She said she got him from a breeder in Los Angeles called Boyle Heights Frenchies.

The robbery was one of a number of high-profile crimes targeting French bulldogs in Los Angeles. In 2021, two pop stars Lady Gaga’s dogs were taken In a robbery in which pedestrians were shot in Hollywood.

In a separate case the following year, a 15-year-old boy was charged with armed robbery in connection with the incident. Two French bulldogs stolen at gunpoint Just east of downtown. The dogs were not recovered at that time.

Although Zachariah’s efforts to bring Onyx home were intense, she feels she could have done more.

“All I didn’t do was all I could think about,” she said.

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