The Mellon Foundation gives $1 million to the North Dakota Tribal College System and UND


The North Dakota Tribal College System and the University of North Dakota (UND) announced Monday, January 29, that they have received a generous $1 million gift from the Mellon Foundation.

North Dakota Tribal College System (NDTCS) consisting of United Tribal Technical College (UTTC), Kankdeska Sekana Community College (CCCC), Noita Hidatsa Sahnish College (NHSC), Sitting Bull College (SBC), and Turtle Mountain Community College (NHSC). . TMCC) and the University of North Dakota (UND).

The collaboration between NDTCS and UND will create a lasting impact on local communities, ensuring that North Dakota’s Native American history and traditions are celebrated and preserved for generations to come.

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One of the major outcomes of this three-year award is to preserve the history and traditions of North Dakota’s tribal communities for future generations. By supporting initiatives and programs focused on Native American heritage, Mellon Foundation grants will have a lasting impact on tribal communities.

According to United Tribes Technical College President Leander McDonald, the grant provides a foundation for enhancing the capacity of tribal colleges and universities to enhance humanities offerings, as well as archiving and digital archiving efforts at tribal universities on behalf of our nations. Efforts such as these are critical to our tribal nations as we seek to create cultural resources to augment ongoing efforts to revitalize language and culture for future generations.

In addition to cultural preservation, initiatives and programs supported by a Mellon Foundation grant will advance a new Indigenous leadership degree program here at UTTC. By investing in training and studies, the scholarship will promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures, histories and traditions.

The North Dakota Tribal College System and UND are grateful to the Mellon Foundation for its generous support. This grant will enable them to continue their mission of preserving Native American heritage, culture, and knowledge.

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