The first Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft to return to service under a new inspection process


Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft are back in service across the country.

The federal government grounded those planes for three weeks after a mid-flight scare involving a door seal on an Alaska Airlines plane.

united Alaska Airlines and Alaska Airlines are the only domestic carriers flying the 737 MAX 9. Both airlines said these planes undergo stringent inspections that can take up to 12 hours.

Friday, Alaska Airlines Flight 1146 was the first flight to use the Boeing 737 MAX 9 since the initial accident.

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“I thought this was probably the safest plane because they had probably gone through it and made sure it was safe and good to fly,” said Joe Pleasance, a passenger on that flight.

These Boeing planes now face a new inspection. the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) He said it includes detailed visual inspections of the mid-cabin exit door seals as well as bolts, guide tracks and fittings.

“At this point, the FAA has done its work with the airlines as well as with Boeing to ensure that these safety procedures and protocols are detailed enough to enable inspectors to do their jobs and do so safely,” said Hassan Shahidi, President and CEO. At the Aviation Safety Foundation.

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Shahidi said he also wants Boeing and its suppliers to address any quality control concerns.

“Ensure that quality assurance procedures, processes and systems are revamped or reviewed to ensure this does not happen again,” he said.

In the current situation, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Stan Deal He said that the company is working to improve its practices and restore trust with customers. “We own these issues and we will correct them,” his statement read in part.

The flight attendant union said it is also providing its crew members with information about safety inspections so they can speak with concerned passengers.

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