Kudos to Hampton ZBA for standing strong against bullies and idiots: letters


Kudos to the Hampton ZBA for standing up strong against the bullies and idiots

January 23 – To the editor:

The decision regarding development of the proposed Lafayette\High\Dearborn project is now in the hands of the ZBA. January 18y The meeting confirmed the position and values ​​of many city residents. There seem to be restaurateurs who expect the residents of Dearborn Street to need to support their business by impinging on their established neighborhood. This is a very generous support. The Chamber of Commerce seems to agree, if I understand the Chamber Director’s word correctly. Those who spoke in favor of the development all support and support the ZBA violating their oath in order to give the nice guy who loves Hampton what he wants. It looks like the nice guy cast is threatening to put a 500-seat nightclub on the road. 1- If his proposal does not succeed. This doesn’t sound like someone who loves this city. To me, he sounds like an arrogant bully. Truth be told, this was not the first time residents had been threatened.

One person appeared to challenge the competence of the boards, pointing out that the only experts in the room were the proposal team. This team apparently does not know, understand or care that the citizens of the city voted for the current zoning ordinances and never voted for the master plan. The team did not realize that the closest city compared to Hampton, Exeter, was not mentioned by the resident. Someone seems to think we’ll immediately get a high crime rate because people will live here and can’t afford a $700,000 house.

The president and members of the ZBA were treated with rudeness that I would never have allowed in a middle school classroom. Subjects wishing to address contrast issues were allowed three minutes to do so. I think everyone who supported the development managed to avoid any semblance of knowledge of the topics at hand. A lack of affordable housing was not on the table. Neither were the songs of praise. Worst of all, people on both sides ignored the president’s pleas to stop talking. Chairman and Member DeVries reminded several speakers to only address issues of variance. Only those who opposed the project addressed the variances. Many of them were very brief and expressed their concerns clearly, as I witnessed the meeting.

The project team did nothing to help either side. The buyer was aware of the regulations before purchasing the property. Jupiter has created its own difficulties. Ms. DeVries made it very clear that no one has come before the city to change any of the regulations regarding the historic district. This was repeated by one of the audience speakers. To me, this shows an arrogance that suggests the laws and regulations do not apply to them. This project is not the process used to change regulations and laws.

A three-acre lot in the middle of the community and in a historic district is not the place for four townhomes, an 18-room hotel, a restaurant, shops and 94 apartments. This housing alone would triple the current population of the entire Dearborn Street, not to mention the traffic problems it causes. If those three acres were for six townhouses, one-third of an acre each, they would be compatible with that space. Not only that, but if the homes were individually owned, the taxes would offset education, infrastructure, and city services.

As a long-time citizen and lover of our city, I extend my sincere thanks to the ZBA. Their patience, tolerance and tolerance for inexcusable behavior has been remarkable. Then again, I’ve never seen teens so out of touch and rude.

Sheila would like


3D renderings of Al Flory's proposed mixed-use development at Route 1, High Street and Dearborn Avenue.  The project will bring 94 apartments to downtown Hampton.

3D renderings of Al Flory’s proposed mixed-use development at Route 1, High Street and Dearborn Avenue. The project will bring 94 apartments to downtown Hampton.

First time a presidential candidate from Portsmouth thanks voters

January 24 – To the editor:

Thank you so much to all the Granite citizens who came out and voted yesterday, I couldn’t have asked for more. Proving that an anonymous small business owner has a leg up on candidates with millions of dollars in campaign spending, campaign managers and billionaire backers is incredible. I did it all myself, without any money or support from the Democratic National Committee, and without selling my soul to corporate supporters. I’m incredibly humbled and in awe of the turnout.

This is not the end, in fact I’m just getting started. This was the first time I was able to become a candidate. When I was 38 years old, with a little ambition, smarts, and hard work, I aimed to put the power back into the hands and voices of actual hashtagAmericans and inspire change. The ordinary American people deserve to be heard, represented, and lobbied for. We have been underrepresented in Washington for too long. The tide has turned, and New Hampshire spoke loud and clear last night. New Hampshire spoke loud and clear last night. The fight for the rights and freedoms of all Americans is far from over, and we refuse to be trampled upon or looked down upon.

This is just the beginning, and I am truly thankful and humbled by the Granite Staters for the tremendous turnout yesterday. We sent a message, proving that the average American can stand up there with PAC-backed candidates, and that message is sure to resonate throughout Washington and the halls of Congress.

We need to demand more from our candidates and representatives, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. I’m not going anywhere, and I will continue to fight for hashtag freedom, freedom, justice, and livelihoods for all Americans.

Let’s go!

Derek Nadeau


Editor’s Note: The writer received 1,612 votes in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary to finish fourth.

I strongly support the NH End of Life Options bill

January 24 – To the editor:

I am writing in response to a recent letter opposing New Hampshire’s end-of-life options bill (HB 1283), to express my strong support for the bill and set the record straight. Unfortunately, the authors of that letter are wrong on the bill and wrong on the facts.

The draft law is clear about what is permitted and to whom it applies. There is no “slippery slope.” The bill provides an end-of-life option only for terminally ill adults who have six months or less to live, and who can make their own medical decisions. It also requires consultation with two medical specialists. People to whom this idea applies are not concerned with suicide, but rather with a peaceful death rather than a death in which they might suffer terribly.

The facts are; The bill was written for New Hampshire, but ten other states and the District of Columbia have similar laws that have been on the books for years. Contracts in some states. There was no evidence that any individual was put at risk by these laws, while they provided great relief to terminally ill people at the end of their lives.

I encourage readers to learn more about the bill and offer their support for the bill’s passage. One great resource is a grassroots organization, the New Hampshire Coalition for End of Life Options (https://www.nhendoflifeoptions.org).

Mark Kaplan


This article originally appeared on the Portsmouth Herald: Hampton NH ZBA Stands Strong Against Bullies and Jerks: Letters

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