How close can you park your car from a stop sign? Your question regarding California traffic law has been answered


Finding the perfect parking spot can be a challenge — and often raises questions about location, convenience, and whether or not it’s legal to park there.

Reader Beth Tenpas asked the California Press Service team, which focuses on helping the community navigate daily life: “How close can you park your car from a stop sign?”

The Bee reached out to California law enforcement to find the answer.

Can you park next to a stop sign in California?

Mark Levitt, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, said state law does not specify how close a car must be to a stop sign.

“As far as I can tell, there is no California Vehicle Code section that specifically addresses this matter,” Leavitt wrote in an email to The Bee.

While a vehicle is parked next to a stop sign, Levitt said there is no violation as long as the vehicle is not violating a “no parking” sign, parked next to a fixed red curb, or parked behind the solid white painted line of a crosswalk.

“However, there may be a local municipal law or ordinance that specifically addresses this issue, depending on the individual city or town,” Leavitt said.

Although parking next to a stop sign is not illegal under California law, the city of Rancho Cordova in Sacramento County generally prohibits parking Within 20 feet From the stop sign.

Other California municipalities can vary the specific distance allowed for parking in front of a stop sign.

According to San Diego Municipal Code, parking 50 feet ahead Stop sign is prohibited. In San Marcos, drivers are not allowed to do this Garden 20 feet away Before the stop sign.

If you don’t want to look up the code for each individual city you park your car in, don’t worry: there’s usually a sign telling you where you shouldn’t park your car.

Where is parking illegal in California?

This is where the drivers are The car should never be parked Or abandon their vehicle, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Handbook:

  • Where a “no parking” sign is posted.

  • On a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

  • On the sidewalk or partially blocking the driveway.

  • Three feet inside the curb ramp for people with disabilities.

  • Front sidewalk with wheelchair access.

  • In the Qatar Airways area next to the disabled parking area.

  • In a space designated for zero-emission vehicles, unless you drive one.

  • In a tunnel or on a bridge, unless there are signs allowing parking.

  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire station driveway.

  • Between the safety zone and the sidewalk.

  • On the wrong side of the street or highway, except in emergency situations or when a law enforcement officer requests a stop or when the stop is specifically permitted.

What are the penalties for parking illegally?

According to the Shouse California Law Group, there could be a parking violation Charged as a violation Under California law.

While a violation will not result in a point In the driver’s logThe law website states that heavy fines can be issued.

“A traffic ticket for most violations costs about $250,” the website states.

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