Legal analyst: Carroll’s “ominous” ruling may herald Trump’s “prison” in the secret money case


CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen has argued that Donald Trump’s defamation trial, E. Jane Carroll, could offer a glimpse into what a criminal case for the former president could look like in New York. That case, brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, accuses Trump of 34 counts of falsifying documents related to a hush-money payment made by then-2016 presidential candidate Stormy Daniels.

At the time, Trump was trying to avoid another “devastating scandal” in the wake of the attention surrounding his “Access Hollywood” tape, in which he was recorded bragging about how he sexually assaulted women, Eisen recounted in a clip reported by Raw story.

“So, it reminds me — when I look at the E. Jane Carroll case, I say: Hey, this is a civil case, tough judge, same with the Bragg election interference,” the senior fellow at the Brookings Institution told Jim on CNN. Acosta on Sunday. “The jury in New York, same thing — and we saw they don’t like Donald Trump. Same thing with election interference. Strong evidence. Donald Trump signing many documents. I think it’s ominous for him.”

Eisen noted that the category of “election interference cases that were charged with falsifying documents” “results in prison,” adding that “the possibility exists” for the former president if he is convicted in the Bragg case against him. Eisen went on to praise the criminal case in New York, mentioning how it had been ignored.

“People said, ‘Oh, he’s going to be taken to federal court and he’ll be tied up forever.’ Guess what? The federal court rejected that, and they said, “Oh, you can’t charge this as a state lawsuit. Election interference has to be federal.” Guess what? “The courts have thrown that out,” Eisen said, adding: “This issue is on the rocket agenda for March, and it is a serious issue.”

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