A large rattlesnake gets into a strange predicament while wandering through an Arizona garage


Somehow, a rattlesnake got tangled in the spokes of a bicycle, and… Pictures of the ordeal Equal parts funny and scary.

It happened in the garage of a home north of Phoenix, Arizona, and the bike was parked at the time, according to snake handler Bryce Anderson of Rattlesnake Solutions.

The enterprising Western Diamond got more than he bargained for.

“I was called out for a rattlesnake that the homeowners saw in their garage after arriving home for the day. I found the culprit curled up in spokes, looking very comfortable,” Anderson told McClatchy News.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever found a snake entangled in a bike like this! Although it’s a bit surprising and I certainly got a good laugh out of it, it’s not entirely unusual for rattlesnakes to climb up in the wild when they have the opportunity.”

The snake was about 3 feet long, and photos shared on Facebook on January 20 show it giving Anderson a challenging look through the speaker.

Hundreds commented on the post. Including several Which he indicated The best anti-theft device Ever seen on a bike.

“This is the stuff of my nightmares! Maybe I’ll just throw my bike away.” One commenter he wrote on Facebook.

“Maybe he was trying to reach the pedals!” last to publish.

Most wanted to know how Anderson got the snake out without being bitten. He said it was not easy, but did not provide details.

“When trying to apprehend the suspect, he became noticeably defensive and gave me a little bit of trouble,” Anderson said. “But within a few minutes I was able to secure it and put it in a bucket.”

The snake was released into a wilderness area “away from homes and bikes, much to his dismay,” Rattlesnake Solutions reports.

The western diamond is native to Arizona and Average 3 to 5 feet At length, according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. However, some have been found up to 7 feet long.

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