Trump vows to fight border deal ‘all the way’ and praises Johnson as ‘very difficult’


Donald Trump He said Saturday that he would oppose the Senate border deal “all the way” and praised House Speaker Mike Johnson for declaring the bill dead when it reached the House floor.

Speaking at a “Commit to the Caucus” event in Nevada, Trump criticized the president Joe BidenHis handling of the southern border, a topic he has repeatedly focused on as a base-mobilizing issue. He called the bipartisan Senate agreement that has not yet been introduced a “bad bill” and said there was no chance it would be supported.

He added: “As the leader of our party, there is no chance that I will support this terrible open-borders betrayal of America. It will not happen, and I will fight it to the end.”

“I noticed a lot of senators, a lot of senators trying to say, respectfully, they’re blaming me. I said that’s fine, please blame me. Please, because they were getting ready to pass a very bad bill. And I’ll tell you what Bad bill, I’d rather not get a bill than a bad bill.

While the text has not yet been made public, some unfolding details this week sparked a firestorm in Congress, as bipartisan negotiators tried to rally Senate Republicans to support policies that would change the country’s immigration laws. Trump has further complicated the negotiations by wading into the debate in an attempt to resolve the deal.

The border has long been a political headache for Biden, who has seen record levels of migrant crossings since taking office. Border Patrol agents reported a record 302,034 migrants last month, according to data released Friday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Of those encounters, 249,785 were recorded between ports of entry.

The White House is keen To strike a deal with the Senate, which officials believe will demonstrate the president’s ability to reach a bipartisan agreement and his eagerness to address the border issue. The president’s team then plans to attack House Republicans, some of whom have suggested the party would be better off holding on to the issue until November.

On Saturday, Johnson issued another statement, warning that the Senate bill faced little chance in the House, where he declared the deal was “dead on arrival.” Trump praised Johnson’s stance during a rally on Saturday, just hours after the Speaker of Parliament’s latest statement.

“I think he’ll prove to be a very good speaker. It’s tough when you have a very small majority. Very tough. Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House, just said he was dead on arrival in the House. He was dead on arrival,” Trump said.

Biden also jumped into the fray Late Friday, he ramped up the White House rhetoric and sent a sharp message to Republicans who had threatened to scuttle any deal. He urged the president to take action and said he would close the border after signing the bill into law.

This closure authority that Biden referred to would give his administration the ability to turn away migrants between ports of entry once the agreed upon scale is reached. This will not apply to some migrants who appear to be fleeing persecution or torture, and asylum seekers will still be allowed to submit their claims at approved ports of entry. The features of the deal are still subject to negotiation.

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