Newsom says Democrats have stepped up their game


Governor of California Gavin Newsom The Biden administration has done a much better job of promoting itself in recent months, he said Sunday.

“That was a year and a half ago, and now I no longer feel that way. Absolutely not,” he said, referring to previous criticism of the president and his political party on ABC’s “This Week” program, praising both President Joe Biden and Vice President Joe Biden. President Kamala Harris.

But he added, “I hope Democrats learn a little about communications strategy by flooding the district and start to stand on our own feet in terms of controlling the narrative.”

The governor, who said Democrats “have the receipts” from three years of work by the Biden administration, said former President Donald Trump always pushed his narrative, no matter the setting.

“The one thing we’ve learned from the outrage industry on the right is that illusion trumps facts,” he told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “It’s a narrative that trumps the facts. That’s why Trump himself is using the courtroom as a campaign stop. It’s to control the narrative.”

Newsom has at times expressed concern about the way Biden and others have promoted what they are doing and what they have done, leaving Democrats perpetually playing defense.

“We have been on the receiving end — on the defensive — time and time again about their agenda and their culture wars,” he said at the launch of a group called the Campaign for Democracy in March 2023.

Newsom told Karl that he views Trump — who he said is “setting democracy on fire” — a major threat.

He added, “I take the threat of Trump and Trumpism very seriously. I have never been on the other side of that argument. However, this is the weakest candidate for head of a major party in my lifetime. He has been badly damaged.” He said. “Democrats, we are winning.”

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