Drew Landry: Will the real Ted Cruz please stand up?


In case you haven’t noticed, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz He is running for re-election. If re-elected, this will be the third term for the Texas senator. In order to ensure victory, it seems as if he is resorting to a familiar trick. In 2018, Cruz defeated former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke of El Paso in a close election, winning less than three percent of the total vote. Of course, a win is a win no matter how close the election is. The previous campaign in 2018 outlines Senator Cruz’s strategy in 2024 – don’t be as hateful as last time and be bipartisan.

But it turns out that the image renewal process did not go the way he wanted, because Senator Cruz did some things that were not good for his image and reputation. For example, he traveled to Cancun when the Texas grid nearly collapsed in February 2021. When confronted, he threw his children under the bus, saying he was “trying to be a father.” This lame excuse is equivalent to the defense that “the devil made me do it!” please. Recently, the senator shied away from reporters who asked him about the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling in the Kate Cox case. Respond to media questions with one answer, “Just call our press office.” When told they had done so and received no answer, Senator Cruz repeated the response.

It was also during his second term that Senator Cruz started a podcast called “Governing with Ted Cruz.” this is funy. And we can’t forget that Senator Cruz was one of 17 Texas lawmakers who objected to the certification of Electoral College votes in Congress on January 6, 2021. Besides, he refuses to verbally point out Joe Biden Like President Biden. When pressed if Biden wins the 2020 election, all he can say is “Joe Biden is president today.”

Not to mention, after 12 years of representing the state, Senator Cruz still does not have a local office in West Texas. In fact, his Senate office’s website tells visitors from West Texas to email his staff.

These traits seem to be his personality. Not much restoration can be done when it is the same. Besides, his record in the Senate was poor. He manipulated a way to shut down the government in 2013, leading him to read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor; He is seen as someone who works for himself; He called his leader in the Senate a liar and never apologized for it.

Now, Senator Cruz wants to put on a new face. He wants to argue that he is a party politician. Take his trip to Lubbock to discuss the 2023 Farm Bill from last summer for example. “I believe in the farm bill,” he told media in Lubbock. We’ll get crop insurance, we’ll take care of that. There will be a bipartisan agreement. It will be a lot of work. (Senator) John (Boozman) is going to work hard on it, and I’m going to work hard on it. Another example of reimagining is the CHIP & SCIENCE Act,” Cruz said. Although Senator Cruz voted against the bill in the Senate, he now supports it. He is touring the state to discuss its effectiveness for Texas. Austin: “With other manufacturing issues, there’s not the urgency of time… There’s not the vulnerability that we have from the national security issue and from the economic issue that we have with semiconductors.” It’s a really unique vulnerability, and it’s part of the reason we’re able to Get a bipartisan agreement, because this puts Americans at risk.” Like the CHIP & SCIENCE Act, Sen. Cruz opposed funding for the Ports to Plains corridor, which came into the March 2022 omnibus funding bill.

Then a year later, he sponsored the I-27 Numbering Act and praised the funding for the Port-to-Plains corridor and the economic progress it was expected to bring. The Senator’s press release shared how bipartisan the work was. Furthermore, Senator Cruz will gladly discuss his work with Democratic Senators Ralph Warnock of Georgia and Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico as well as his recent work with Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas on expanding the global trade bridge crossing the US/Mexico border.

This bipartisan approach and demand for support for projects he initially opposed was no coincidence. These projects and ideas make sense and may be supported by independent voters. After all, Senator Cruz lost independents to Congressman O’Rourke in his 2018 re-election bid, and with his approval ratings declining by this same group, legislative and rhetorical change is timely.

This schizophrenic nature of Senator Cruz forces us to question which of them is the real one. Is hard-working partisan Cruz the real Ted Cruz? Or is fighting – and perhaps obstructing – Cruz the real Ted Cruz? According to the senator, both are true. If so, why do we see the hard-working, bipartisan Cruz when he runs for re-election? Now, we know the answer to this question.

Drew Landry is an assistant professor of government at South Plains College.

This article originally appeared on the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Drew Landry: Will the real Ted Cruz please stand up?

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