Colorado cops said the accused thief stole $30,000 worth of underwear from the apartment’s laundry rooms


Police are searching for a man accused of stealing nearly $30,000 worth of underwear from apartment laundry rooms, Colorado officials said.

Officers searching the 39-year-old man’s home found… More than 500 The underwear, bras and lingerie items were stolen over a period of three years, Lakewood police said in a Jan. 26 news release.

Police said the stolen underwear belonged to more than 30 women and children between the ages of 6 and 69.

Investigators were able to identify the accused thief Post security photos Online in July, KDVR reported.

After a lengthy investigation, a national warrant was issued for the man’s arrest on felony burglary and theft charges, police said.

They ask anyone with information to call 303-980-7300.

Lakewood is located about 10 miles southwest of Denver.

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