A Flagler man faces charges of “random attack” and wounding someone with a knife


A Flagler County man is in jail tonight after deputies believe he randomly fought, wounded someone with a knife and then fled. It happened Thursday in Palm Coast.

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At first he tried to tell deputies it was the other way around — that the man attacked him first — but neighborhood surveillance video showed otherwise.

A camera system at a neighbor’s home recorded the moments Galdabini ran toward the couple with his fists raised, and then the two began fighting.

Deputies said it all started when Galdabini was driving down the road and passed them.

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They say he asked the woman to get into his car and go around the area where she was driving.

After she refused several times, the couple said they asked Galdabini to leave them alone, so he stopped his Jeep and argued with the man.

Deputies said Galdabini also pulled out a knife and cut him several times, all before getting back into his car and driving away.

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Investigators were able to arrest him after identifying the car reported by the couple. He now faces charges of aggravated battery.

He was also previously convicted of battery in Volusia County in 2010.

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