Tri-Citians complain about pothole problems. How to spot and report the worst potholes here


In 2023, Washington was recognized as a The state with the worst pothole problem In a USA Today study. Additionally, several cities in the state made the list of the 10 worst pothole problems by city, including Spokane at No. 6, Yakima at No. 7, and Seattle at No. 9.

These street scourges are also found around the Tri-Cities, with many of them large enough to make drivers actively avoid them. For example, you can regularly see drivers swerving into adjacent lanes while avoiding rather nasty potholes on Clearwater Avenue, near the Union Street intersection.

What damage can these potholes cause, and how can I report a particularly bad case?

Bad impact drilling

Automotive experts have warned of the damage potholes can cause to cars. There are no specific consequences, as each case will be different, but there are several potential issues that can arise, according to Why Schwab?

Some of the potential damages your vehicle may sustain include:

You can do a quick self-check of your car to make sure no damage has occurred after hitting a bad pothole. Or visit the repair shop for a quick check.

If the pothole is serious enough, you may want to report it.

Report bad potholes in Tri-Cities

Who you should contact about potholes in the Tri-Cities depends on your exact location.


The Kennewick Street Team responds to damaged asphalt and potholes. The form is available online For drilling reports.


The City of Richland has a line available to report road damage, including potholes, at 509-942-7670. in addition to, Service requests It can be done online.

West Richland

Use the City services hotline To report potholes in West Richland. The hotline, 509-967-5434, operates 24 hours a day.


Pasco’s Street and Storm Drainage Department handles potholes. The team can be contacted through the Field Services Line at 509-545-3463.

The Herald is creating a live map of user-reported potholes in the Tri-Cities. Is there an infamous pothole in your daily commute? Let us know by pointing to the nearest intersection below.

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