Trump exits court during closing arguments in the E. Jean Carroll trial


previous president Donald Trump He walked out of the New York courtroom as the clerk’s attorney E. Jean Carroll She delivered her closing arguments in Carroll’s defamation suit.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, was about 10 minutes into her remarks when Trump, who was sitting at the defense table, got up and walked out of the room. Shortly after, Kaplan asked the jury to award Carroll at least $24 million in damages.

Before Trump left, Kaplan repeatedly told the jury that he had sexually assaulted Carroll, prompting the former president to shake his head. She then turned to Trump’s repeated defamatory statements, saying that “usually when people are held accountable for false and defamatory lies, they stop.”

“He continued to defame Ms. Carroll even while this trial was ongoing,” Kaplan said.

This is the second defamation case filed by Carroll against Trump. At trial to resolve Carroll’s first lawsuit in May 2023, the jury I found Trump responsible For defamation and sexual assault, Carroll was awarded $5 million.

The judge overseeing the current case has already ruled that Trump’s statements denying her allegations were defamatory, and that the jury is tasked with determining what damages Carroll is entitled to. Jurors are expected to begin deliberations early Friday, after closing arguments.

Closing arguments

Kaplan — who is no relation to Lewis Kaplan, the judge overseeing the case — asked the jury to award Carroll at least $24 million in compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages severe enough to “make him stop” defaming her client.

Kaplan discussed with the jury the first statements Trump made in 2019, and the numerous times he has repeated his claims — that he had met Carroll before, that she was not “his type,” that he did not assault her, and that this case is a “hoax” — since then. Now, including some as recently as this week.

“These false denials and attacks continued while you were in that courtroom…while you were sitting in those seats,” Kaplan said, before showing a clip of Trump’s press conference last week, when he again criticized Carroll.

She then showed a recent post on Truth Social in which Trump promised to deny the allegations “a thousand times over.”

“A thousand times, are you kidding me?” Kaplan said. “He’s ready to do it 1000 times unless you make him stop.”

Kaplan concluded by noting that Trump did not attend the first trial, when the question of whether he had sexually assaulted Carroll was put before the jury, but he appeared in these proceedings, when damages were at stake.

“The only thing Donald Trump cares about is money,” she said.

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