Donna Kelsey’s reaction to Jason’s shirtless moment tells you how well she knows her son


Jason KelseyShirtless moment in The last playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills He may have surprised viewers, but his mother says she wasn’t surprised.

in Interview with people, Donna Kelsey She was asked if she was as shocked as the Internet was when she saw her eldest daughter topless in below-freezing weather during the Jan. 21 playoff game.

“No, not at all. No,” Donna told the outlet, seeing the Philadelphia Eagles center take off his jersey in celebration of his brother. Travis KelseyFall during the game. Donna Kelsey explained that this was because Jason Kelsey “did that sometimes.”

According to Donna Kelsey, she has seen her son display similar heart reactions on various occasions, but he “reserves them only for special moments.”

However, Donna Kelsey says she understands why his passionate reaction made headlines.

“A lot of people don’t see that because nine times out of 10 he works when he’s on the field,” she said. “He’s so focused on the game, he’s so into it, that people don’t see that side of him.”

According to Donna Kelsey, in the aftermath Jason KEls team loses in PlayoffsHe was able to “finally let his hair down.”

“It’s a long season where you have to be on your own,” she explained.

Besides looking almost buff, Jason Kelce had some big moments with fans during the playoff game on January 21.

During the game, Jason Kelce was caught walking through the stands and holding up a young fan, trying to get the attention of his brother’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, with a gesture.

“We’ll show this to Taylor, okay?” Jason Kelsey He can be heard telling the fan in the clip.

The girl’s mother, Jessica Piazza, recalled that moment During a Jan. 23 appearance with her daughter on TODAY.

“It was amazing,” she said. She came down, and she was the happiest I had ever seen her. She was crying, just from happiness. It was so cool.

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