A family is suing the Kansas City Chiefs doctor who struck and killed a Good Samaritan on I-70


Robert Piper family members, A Blue Springs man died in November while trying to help teens involved in a highway crashfiled a lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs doctor who hit him with his pickup truck.

The family has filed a wrongful death suit against Dr. Michael E., records show. Monaco in Jackson County Court on Wednesday. The doctor is accused of failing to drive with due care after returning home from the Chiefs’ away game in Germany against the Miami Dolphins.

The lawsuit names Michael Monaco as the sole defendant.

The incident was a very emotional and difficult experience, attorney Ralph Monaco, Michael Monaco’s brother-in-law and personal advisor to Michael Monaco, said by phone Thursday afternoon. He described it as an “unavoidable accident.”

He added that Michael Monaco and the Pipers were all victims of a criminal act as the accident occurred because the teens stole a car and crashed it on the highway.

“It’s devastating. It’s devastating to the family as well. The Pipers are victims too,” Ralph Monaco said.

His lawyer said Michael Monaco was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident and is not the subject of a criminal investigation. He added that he was not stressed, as the lawsuit claims, and that the incident was not related to his work as a doctor for the Chiefs.

A Chiefs spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday afternoon.

The accident occurred on November 6, around 1:45 a.m., resulting in Independence Police officers being dispatched to investigate the wreck near Interstate 70 and Interstate 470.

Police determined that Piper, 50, came across a wrecked Chevrolet Equinox and stopped to help.

The Equinox was later discovered stolen. The car crashed when its driver left the road, hit a rock bridge, and was redirected back into the traffic lanes, according to police. One of the people in the car also died at the scene.

Piper was helping accident victims when he was struck by a Ford pickup truck driven by Michael Monaco.

No citations or criminal charges were filed against Michael Monaco after the incident.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that Michael Monaco failed to pay adequate attention to the road. Based on a review of traffic cameras, the lawsuit says, there were eight other vehicles that approached and were able to navigate the scene during the three minutes that Piper was trying to help those in the wrecked car.

It also says there were no road marks or other signs indicating that Michael Monaco applied the brakes before the collision.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Robert Piper’s widow and two adult daughters. Mike Reeder, the attorney representing the family in the case, said Thursday that the Pipers’ family has asked for privacy as they continue to mourn.

In a statement shared with The Star, they expressed their “deep gratitude for the outpouring of support we have received.”

“Robert’s death has left an irreplaceable void in our lives,” the family said in the statement. His kind nature and dedication to helping others, especially in his final moments, reflect the essence of his character.

Our great hope is that those responsible for this avoidable tragedy will be held fully accountable.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed against Michael Monaco comes nearly three years after another member of the Kansas City Chiefs organization was involved in a major collision.

In February 2021, former assistant coach Brett Reid struck two cars parked on the side of the entrance ramp along Interstate 435 near the team’s training facility. A 5-year-old girl who was in one of the vehicles was seriously injured.

Unlike the Michael Monaco case, Britt Reid was charged with drunk driving. Presidents I reached a financial agreement with the girl’s family In the case of Britt Reid.

Britt Reed was found guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court of driving while intoxicated, resulting in serious bodily injury. He was He was sentenced to three years in prison.

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