Tyreek Hill denies divorce reports and says he is “happily married.” But records say otherwise


Contrary to Tyreek HillSocial media posts saying he’s “happily married” The Dolphins wide receiver filed for divorce Monday, saying his two-month marriage to Keeta Vaccaro is “irretrievably broken,” according to Broward court records.

The attorney representing Hill in the divorce lawsuit – Gary F. Celetti Jr. – is the same attorney representing Hill in two paternity cases filed against him last year in Broward court.

Seletti did not respond to the Miami Herald’s request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Hill on Tuesday questioned reports that he was seeking a divorce. On Tuesday, he also shared a photo of himself with Keita on his Instagram story.

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“Boy, no, we didn’t, so don’t put that up!!!” “We’re happily married and gone and stay that way,” Hill told X.

Hill, 29, Vaccaro married in Austin, Texas, on November 8, during the Dolphins’ bye week. The two had been engaged since 2021 when Hill proposed at a Fourth of July party.

According to the filing, the spouses have no marital assets or liabilities accumulated during the marriage, likely due to a prenuptial agreement. Hill has 120 days to serve Vaccaro while the proceedings continue.

Request for “legitimate” divorce.

Evan Marks, who has been a divorce attorney in South Florida for four decades, said that in the age of identity theft, it is possible for someone to impersonate an attorney, although that is highly unlikely. However, the way the Hale Petition was written led Marks to believe that this was not the case.

“This is a legitimate and properly filed petition for annulment of the marriage,” Marks, who reviewed the divorce file, told the Herald. “There is nothing to suggest it is anything other than a legitimate solicitation.”

He said that any action taken by the lawyer must be after meeting his client, informing him of his rights, and gathering information about the marriage in preparation for any files. Attorneys and clients also enter a written contract that includes the responsibilities of both parties as well as the amount to be paid to the attorney.

He said that only then can the lawyer submit anything on behalf of his client.

Marks noted that divorce proceedings can be complicated. He said it is not unusual for someone who has filed for divorce to change their mind after a short period of time.

“This type of case is filed with emotions,” he said. “These issues are between people who, at least at some point, loved each other. Relationships involve jealousy and other feelings…”

The divorce filing comes after a fire at Hill’s home

The divorce filing comes about three weeks after a fire tore through part of the $7 million Hill Mansion at Southwest Ranches in Broward, near Davie, causing more than $2.3 million in compensation According to Davey Fire Rescue.

The Jan. 3 fire was sparked in the early afternoon by two children who accidentally played with a lighter, setting a cloth toy on fire, and in fear, threw the flaming toy into a bedroom closet before running out of the room, according to a report by Davey. Extinguishing.

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At the time of the fire, Vaccaro was home with Hill’s mother and two children. No one is hurt. The report did not identify the children, but stated that a contributing factor to the fire was a 4-year-old child “playing with the heat source” who was unsupervised.

Hill, 29, has three children under the age of 10 with her ex-fiancée Crystal Espinal. Two other children, born in 2023, are the subject of paternity suits filed by Kimberly Baker and Brittany Lackner last year in Broward court.

Hill was at Dolphins practice in Miami Gardens at the time of the fire. After training in front of the locker room, he told reporters: “Although it is upsetting to see the rooms destroyed and everything I worked for destroyed, the main thing for me is health and making sure my children are okay.”

“My wife is good, my mother is good, my nephews are good. So that’s all that matters.”

Miami Herald sports writer Daniel Oyifusi contributed to this report

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