The United Auto Workers union is expected to endorse Biden


WASHINGTON — The United Auto Workers union is expected to endorse the president Joe Biden Early Wednesday, according to three people familiar with the decision.

Biden will address UAW members at their convention in Washington on Wednesday afternoon, where his 2024 bid will likely be approved, sources said.

Last fall, Biden became the first sitting president to join a picket line when he visited auto workers outside Detroit who were striking for higher wages and increased costs of living.

On Tuesday, Biden and ex President Donald Trump Both scored victories in the New Hampshire primary, victories that could mark the quick end of the primary process and the beginning of the general election.

The UAW’s endorsement could carry major political implications because of its influence over voters in Michigan, a crucial battleground in the 2024 election. Biden narrowly won the state last cycle.

Trump sought to appeal to union voters, appealing to those who felt that globalization and international trade had left behind those who had built middle-class lives in manufacturing jobs. Trump’s appeal to these voters has divided union members, whose leaders have traditionally aligned with Democrats while Republicans have historically worked more closely with companies that conflict with those unions.

Biden has long described himself as the most pro-union American president, but that message has not panned out with some of those members who are concerned about immigration and trade, two important points Trump made.

So far, Biden has been endorsed by almost every other major union, including the AFL-CIO. But a few have remained on the sidelines so far, including truck drivers, the UAW and the American Postal Workers Union. International Association of Fire Fighters.

The UAW typically endorses presidential candidates later in the cycle. In 2020, the union did not endorse Biden until late April.

UAW President Sean Fine on Monday had a message for political leaders seeking the union’s support.

“We have to get our political leaders to stand with us. “Support our cause, or you won’t have our support,” Finn said.

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