Donald Trump wins the Republican primary in New Hampshire


Donald Trump He won the New Hampshire primary, likely cementing his position as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

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The victory over Nikki Haley, who briefly threatened to rein in the former president, suggests there will be a smooth path to the GOP nomination for Trump, who also easily won the Iowa caucuses last week.

The Associated Press called the race as the last remaining polling places in New Hampshire closed at 8 p.m. ET, in the wake of a contentious primary that saw groups supporting both candidates spend millions of dollars on increasingly aggressive television ads.


Haley, who described Trump as a “chaos” candidate, promised a more palatable version of the right-wing fire and brimstone that has come to characterize the Republican Party. She surged in the polls in New Hampshire in mid-December, but was unable to capitalize on that momentum Tuesday night.

Despite her disappointing performance in New Hampshire, Haley insisted she would continue on to her home state of South Carolina, which holds the Republican primary next month. As she spoke to supporters in Concord on Tuesday, Haley congratulated Trump on his victory in the first-term primary, but stressed the importance of the upcoming races.

“New Hampshire is first in the country. “It’s not the last in the country,” Haley told supporters in Concord. “This race is not over yet. There are dozens of states left, and the next one is my beautiful state, South Carolina.”

But opinion polls Displays Trump maintains a large lead in South Carolina, so it is unclear how these primaries could reshape the dynamics of the race. New Hampshire appears to be the last major threat to what looks set to become Trump’s coronation. In a purple state that voted for Joe Biden over Trump in 2020, Haley has presented herself as a centrist Republican, while Trump has continued to advance right-wing populism at a series of rallies in recent days. Haley was Trump’s only serious challenger in New Hampshire, after Ron DeSantis withdrew from the race on Sunday.

Trump’s team mocked Haley’s decision to remain in the race after two decisive losses, along with one of the former president’s strategists Sarcastically As “delusional”. Haley appeared brave and stuck to her campaign message that Trump is unable to lead the Republican Party to a more promising future, in reference to the many legal battles that the former president fought. Trump has now been charged with 91 felony counts in four criminal cases, and spent most of last week in court in a defamation case.

“With Donald Trump, it’s one bout of chaos after another — this court case, this controversy, this tweet, this big moment,” Haley said Tuesday evening. “You can’t fix Joe Biden’s mess with Republican mess.”

But Trump’s routine is still attractive. Tina Lorenz, who said she has supported Donald Trump since 2016, was among those who voted for the former president on Tuesday.

“He represents the American people. He’s not out for himself. He did not go out for political gain. He is not out for financial reasons. He doesn’t need money, he doesn’t need fame and fortune. “He’s already got it all,” Lorenz, 63, said.

“It’s there for the average person. And that’s what happens. We’ve become so polarized that there’s no one for just the average person.”

The result in New Hampshire indicates that Trump will become his party’s presidential nominee for the third consecutive election, and will likely face Biden in November. Both men are viewed negatively by the majority of people in the United States, which means that many Americans will face a difficult and unsatisfying decision later this year.

Despite Haley’s claims to the contrary, Democrats clearly believe the Republican presidential primary is effectively over, and have already turned their attention to the general election.

“Tonight’s results confirm that Donald Trump has succeeded in securing the Republican nomination, and that the anti-freedom MAGA movement, which denied the election, has completed its control of the Republican Party,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager. “As we work toward November 2024, one thing is becoming increasingly clear today: Donald Trump is heading straight into the general election matchup where he will face the only person to ever beat him at the ballot box: Joe Biden.”

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