A video in Missouri shows a fire truck flying down the street while spinning on ice


A fire truck responding to an accident in Missouri lost control on ice, causing it to spin violently down a neighborhood street, video showed.

It happened around 7 a.m. on Monday, January 22, in Imperial, a suburb of St. Louis, according to a press release from Rock Community Fire Protection District.

In a video taken by neighborhood resident Joe Lawson, a yellow fire truck can be seen hurtling down the icy road as it turns. She eventually collided with a carThen he crosses the path and stops in the grass between two houses.

“I was trying to take a picture of an accident in my neighborhood when the fire truck came flying down the street,” Lawson said in a Facebook post sharing the video.

Fire officials said the vehicle that the fire truck collided with was involved in the accident to which firefighters were responding. No homes were damaged and no one was injured, according to officials.

Moments earlier, Caitlyn Voysey called 911 After someone collided with her car she told KTVI outside her home.

“We woke up this morning to a loud crash. The blue car hit the back of my car. Within about 15 minutes of calling 911 — because the car was sitting on top of the fire hydrant and electrical box — they came out very quickly,” she told the station. We saw them at the top of the hill starting to slide, we alerted the people standing near the car to get out of the car and reach the balcony for safety.”

Officials praised the driver for his handling of the situation — and the 56,000-pound fire truck — saying their actions likely prevented a potentially worse outcome.

“While the situation was undoubtedly horrific, it highlights the exemplary professional capabilities and training of our staff,” officials said.

Imperial is located about 20 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis.

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