Trump’s tantrum marks a courtroom showdown with E. Jean Carroll


The second day of E. Jane Carroll’s trial in New York for defamation Donald Trump The picture was in stark contrasts. It featured the dignity of the former Elle magazine writer and the chutzpah of the former US president – ​​who repeatedly taunted the judge with his courtroom antics.

As was often the case when faced with a powerful woman who clearly did not intimidate him, Trump’s volatility and tendency to childish tantrums came to the fore.

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But few of his powerful opponents — adult actress Stormy Daniels, Attorneys General Letitia James and Fanny Willis and his political rival Hillary Clinton — would be as close to Trump and his temperament as Carroll.

In the same courtroom and just feet away, Trump’s indifference was on display when Carroll was on the witness stand, airing out his misdeeds, and publicly confronting him, in a way he couldn’t control. He whined and mumbled loudly and deliberately, like an angry child desperate to be heard.

“Mr. Trump was sitting at the back table, and he was saying things out loud throughout Ms. Carroll’s testimony,” attorney Sean Crowley said.

These rants included remarks that Carroll’s claims were false and “she appears to have regained her memory now,” Crowley said.

“It’s loud enough to be heard,” Crowley told Judge Lewis Kaplan. “I imagine it’s loud enough for the jury to hear.”

Before the court began its work after the morning recess, Kaplan warned, “I will ask Mr. Trump to take special care to keep his voice low when consulting with counsel, so that the jury does not listen.”

However, Trump did not listen. Before lunch, Crowley told Kaplan that Trump was still complaining.

“The defendant was making statements again [that] “We can listen to the lawyers’ table,” Crowley said.

“He said it was a witch hunt, it was actually a hoax.”

Kaplan did not take kindly to Trump, ignoring his warning.

“Mr. Trump has a right to be here. He said: “This right can be confiscated, and it can be confiscated if it is in violation, which is what he informed me of, and if it ignores court orders.” “Mr. Trump, I hope I don’t have to consider removing you from prosecution… I understand that you may be very keen to do so.”

“I would love that,” Trump said, pointing out.

“And I know you will. You don’t seem to be able to control yourself in these circumstances.

Carroll, who already won a jury verdict against Trump on sexual assault and defamation charges in May last year, faces Trump in court during a second federal trial in Manhattan.

Judge Kaplan instructed jurors that this trial would determine damages only, after ruling that the basic facts — that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll and defamed his reputation — had been determined in that other case.

Trump’s antics seemed contagious to his legal team. His lawyer, Alina Haba, appeared to lose control of herself in court, as the judge repeatedly asked her to sit down. Haba then upset Kaplan further when he asked to postpone the proceedings on Thursday, the scheduled date of his mother-in-law’s funeral – even though he had refused this request on previous occasions.

Kaplan told Hapa that he would not accept any further controversy on the matter. “Nobody. Nobody. Do you understand that word, nothing?”

He told Haba to sit down. you did not.

“I said sit down.”

Haba did not do so, and said she wanted to raise another issue.

“I don’t like to talk like that, Your Honor,” Haba commented. “I will ask you to refrain from talking to me that way.”

Kaplan reiterated to Haba that her request for a postponement had been rejected.


At another time during the day, Heba began addressing the court while sitting. “When you speak in this courtroom or any other courtroom in this building, you stand,” Kaplan said stiffly.

It was no doubt a familiar sight to parents of angry children across America. But one less connected to the courtroom. Many might have hoped it would be nothing less, that a former occupant of the White House would show up. But then: Trump will always be Trump.

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