The weather in New Jersey will go from freezing temperatures this week to…mild next week


The weather will take another stunning turn next week.

Parts of the United States will go from freezing cold days to temperatures warm enough for people to be able to wear shorts.

while 75% of the United States is in deep freeze This week, as states like New Jersey see temperatures below 15 degrees, temperatures in those states a week later are expected to reach the 50s and even 60s, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center.

The current freezing temperatures are due to the cold Arctic air that has been stuck in the continental United States this week. This disappears, opening the way for warm air to settle in.

“The reason the temperature will get warmer next week is because the cold air is escaping back to the north, allowing more of that tropical air mass from the Gulf of Mexico to start creeping north,” said Michael Brianti, chief meteorologist at WeatherWorks. .

Above average temperatures will be widespread. In fact, about 90% of the country is expected to see normal to above-normal temperatures by the middle of next week, AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Pastelok told USA TODAY.

Next week's temperature forecast shows that temperatures are expected to be warmer than average for the entire continental United States.

Next week’s temperature forecast shows that temperatures are expected to be warmer than average for the entire continental United States.

How hot will the weather be next week?

In New Jersey, temperatures should reach the 50s by the end of next week. Georgia, which saw a low this week of 12 degrees, could see temperatures in the high 60s and lows 70s, according to multiple weather forecasts.

Here’s how much warmer some states will get by the end of next week, compared to the coldest temperatures on record on January 17.

New Jersey – From 13 Fahrenheit to 56 Fahrenheit

Pennsylvania – From 11 Fahrenheit to 45 Fahrenheit

Ohio – From 6 Fahrenheit to 53 Fahrenheit

illinois – From 5 Fahrenheit to 51 Fahrenheit

Virginia – From 14 Fahrenheit to 67 Fahrenheit

Minnesota – From 1 F to 40 F

Georgia – From 12 Fahrenheit to 68 Fahrenheit

New York – From 13 Fahrenheit to 44 Fahrenheit

Snow forecast in New Jersey: Rough waves this weekend; Snow, sleet and coastal flooding are possible

Global warming or the melting of ice in January?

“The atmosphere is very chaotic by nature,” Brianti said, explaining that there is currently no evidence linking this type of severe weather change to global warming.

He said that sudden and large weather changes are normal. But how often these drastic temperature changes occur may be linked to climate change.

“It’s not like we haven’t seen these things before in the past,” he added. “But now it seems like this is happening a little more frequently.”

Climate scientists agree From mid to late January, an annual melting process takes place in the northeastern United States Farmers AlmanacDuring the January thaw, temperatures rise an average of 10 degrees higher than the previous week.

Although the phenomenon has been called a thaw, the January thaw does not necessarily melt the snow and ice while it is present. But the ice will certainly melt in many places next week.

This article originally appeared on the Asbury Park Press: Freezing temperatures to face warm thaw next week

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