Samsung launched the S24 phone line with AI and social media features at its ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event.


Samsung launched Galaxy S24 Phone line in “Galaxy Open 2024” It happened in Northern California on Wednesday.

The product launch in San Jose centered around integrating artificial intelligence into the phone line in partnership with Google. The move is an effort to create features that improve the user experience, including real-time language translation during calls, visual search functionality and enhanced transcription capabilities.

Samsung pitched the S24 line as a social media-friendly phone, saying the line would provide faster uploads to Snapchat and Instagram. The company announced that the phone line will be the first to be able to publish HDR images directly on Instagram. The top Galaxy S24 Ultra model will have a new 50MP 5x optical camera.

Samsung also said that the phone line will have 5% better battery efficiency, will be manufactured using an increased amount of recycled materials, and that the company will support seven years of security and operating system updates for the S24 line. The Ultra model will come with a titanium frame and a tougher “Gorilla Armor” display.

Here’s what else to know about the Samsung Galaxy S24 line of phones.

Galaxy S24 pre-orders and availability

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 line will open on Wednesday and the phone line will be available starting January 31.

Galaxy S24 prices

Samsung announced that prices for the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra will start at $799, $999, and $1,299, respectively.

Galaxy S24 AI features

  • Chat help: Corrects the tone and spelling of text messages, and can also translate text messages

  • Research circle: Allows users to circle objects to start a Google search for the object

  • Generative editing: Allows image processing including moving objects in the image

  • Live translation: Translates calls in 13 languages

  • Help note: Cleans and summarizes notes

  • Help text: Produces an AI-assisted transcript of phone recordings

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Samsung launched the S24 phone line at its ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event.

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