Police discover a severed human hand in the pocket of the murder suspect


Police in southern Colorado found a severed human hand in the pocket of a murder suspect after he was arrested in connection with the death of a woman found in a creek in Pueblo, Colorado.

According to media reportsThe woman’s body was found in Fountain Creek on January 10. Pueblo leader It was reported that the woman had been beheaded.

“Police believe that the hand belongs to the woman who was found dead in the creek,” according to what Reuters reported. Pueblo leader.

The suspect reportedly worked for a private security company owned by a former county sheriff.

Police searched the creek after a man who called them showed them a video of a headless body.

The suspect, 26-year-old Solomon Martinez, was working security at an arts center in the city when he was arrested.

The owner of the security company said the suspect passed a background check and worked for him briefly, according to a Colorado Springs television station. KRD Report.

according to KRDOMartinez told investigators he picked up the woman but said he dropped her off early on the morning of Jan. 8 and did not kill her.

The man’s roommate told police that Martinez asked him to dig a hole 10 feet deep, according to media reports.

According to the Pueblo Chief, Martinez denied to police any knowledge of the body and stated that he had not killed or dismembered anyone.

When police asked Martinez why he had injuries to his wrists and hands, he initially said they were from a Chihuahua, but later said they were caused by small rocks while he was picking up his dog, the affidavit alleges, The Pueblo Chieftain reports.

according to Prison recordsMartinez is being held in the Pueblo County Jail facing a possible charge of first-degree murder with bail currently set at $1 million cash.

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