Legal experts: Trump lawyer’s ’embarrassing’ performance ‘made the jury hate her so much’


Trump lawyer Alina Haba struggled during her questioning of E. Jean Carroll on Wednesday.

US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is overseeing the defamation case against the former president, repeatedly censured the lawyer for violating court rules and public procedure.

Before Carroll testified, Haba requested a postponement so that Trump could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral.

“The motion is denied. And I will hear no more argument about it. Nobody. Do you understand that word? Nobody. Please sit down,” Kaplan, a Bill Clinton appointee, told Haba of the motion, which he actually denied.

Kaplan repeatedly interrupted Haba’s questions, including when she began reading from a document that had not been formally entered into evidence, leading to the trial being suspended.

“During this you should refresh your memory on how to turn a document into evidence,” Kaplan told the lawyer.

Haba later questioned Carroll about whether or not she had deleted any email threats after receiving a subpoena and asked for a mistrial citing “deleted evidence” while the jury was still in the room.

“Dismissed, the jury will ignore everything Ms. Haba just said,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan tangled with Haba about 14 times, according to an analysis he conducted Interested in trade.

“Last I heard, Ms. Haba, I don’t need announcements from counsel about what they plan to do,” Kaplan told Haba when she interrupted Carroll’s direct testimony. “And I’m the one making the rulings here, not the lawyers.”

“Has Alina Haba ever filed a lawsuit in her life?” questioned former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti.

“Can you imagine coming to trial and asking the trial judge, ‘How do you propose that I proceed?’ Because you don’t know the rules of evidence? chirp Georgia State University Law Professor Anthony Michael Kress.

“Lawyers can bring a variety of different skills to the legal team: trial style, oral arguments, subject matter expertise, negotiations, media relations, or witness work. he added. “Unfortunately, here, the wrong skill set has been matched with the wrong preparation.”

Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de lo Vega warned that Haba’s performance would not help her sway the jury.

“Hapa may think she’s doing a great job performing for Trump, but she actually made the jury hate her so much. (And I’m 100% sure of that.”) she tweeted. “Since the jury will decide the amount of damages, it would be smarter to be charming as hell.”

Trump’s former White House lawyer, Ty Cobb, described Hapa’s performance as a “second-league job.”

“The judge was very patient with her,” he told CNN. “He gave her one or two periods of time to try to walk her through it himself, and then he stopped, and then he took a break in hopes that one of her colleagues would help her figure out how to do what she was going to do.” . “It was kind of embarrassing, you know.”

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissman noted that Haba took over the role of Trump’s lead attorney in the case after attorney Joe Tacopina withdrew before the trial.

“So she had to step in, probably, in a bigger role than she expected,” he told MSNBC. “Mr. Tacopina is a prosecuting attorney. Alina Haba would be a very skilled lawyer outside the courtroom, and perhaps inside the courtroom — she’s not subject to the rules of evidence. So, it’s a strange choice… because the basic evidentiary issues are the kinds of things that… [are] “It’s not something that’s part of her toolkit.”

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“Alaina Haba, she’s doing a few things. First, she’s presenting the scene for her client, but second, she’s also doing it because she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing,” MSNBC legal analyst Katie Fang said Wednesday. “The lack of competence on the part of Alina Haba is now blatantly evident.”

Fang stressed that Hapa showed that he “did not know how to introduce evidence” or “how to depose a witness.”

“She does not have the trial skills necessary to defend the former President of the United States in a multi-million dollar defamation trial. However, you get what you pay for, and that is exactly what is happening to Donald Trump now.”

“There are no cameras, there is no audio in the courtroom, so the only thing that will come out of the courtroom is Trump doing the pressers after the court and Haba doing the pressers after the court saying what they say, which is always wrong,” Fang said. He added. “It’s not an accurate representation of what happened in court, and that’s what’s frustrating about what happens when there’s this skewness in the judicial system.”

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