$10 Million Dream Homes Listings in the ‘Movie Capital of Texas’. Take a peek inside


The absolute dream come true in a very unique city in the Lone Star State is listed: Waxahachie dream home It was put on the market in a place considered the “movie capital of Texas” for $10 million.

Built in 2022, the main house stands out in a way that only upscale Texas homes can—with its red brick exterior and emerald green lawn—and this residence was built to show off.

“Luxury estate, ideally set on a 5-acre tree-lined estate, with a 1-acre stocked lake and 2,800 square foot guest house,” a press release about the home said. “Meticulously designed with family-life balance in mind, this newly built home redefines luxury living through outstanding energy-efficient craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail.”

Stunning features in and around the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom property include:

Waxahachie is known for its rural beauty and close-knit community, but what many people don’t know is that it’s a popular place for filming — more than 30 films have been filmed there.

“The city remains a sought-after location for films, TV shows, commercials and videos, with the historic downtown serving as a charming backdrop for countless cinematic endeavors,” the house’s website said. “More recently, the hit series 1883, The Bass Reeves Story, part of the Yellowstone saga, was filmed against the backdrop of the picturesque streets and buildings of Waxahachie.”

Waxahachie is located about 30 miles south of downtown Dallas.

It arrives

The “Waxahachie Dream Home” hits the real estate market in Waxahachie, Texas, for $10 million.

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This dream home in Texas has a huge indoor pool.

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