The Bipartisan Child Tax Credit Proposal, Jason Kelce’s Retirement Rumors, and ‘No Doubt’ at Coachella


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Child Tax Credit Supporters in 2022 (Tasos Katopoudis/Getty Images for the Economic Security Project)

Child Tax Credit Supporters in 2022 (Tasos Katopoudis/Getty Images for the Economic Security Project)

Need to know

A group of lawmakers in Congress announced a bipartisan tax bill that would expand the child tax credit and provide renewed benefits to businesses.

Child tax credit: The renewed legislation aims to help low-income families receive a maximum amount of $2,000 per child. It will be claimed on your tax returns. [Washington Post]

Business tax breaks: Republicans wanted to restore expired portions of Trump’s 2017 business tax cuts, including research and development expenses. [NBC News]

What then: Lawmakers hope to pass the bill by the start of tax filing season on January 29. It is unclear whether that will happen while Congress deals with other priorities. [Politico]

Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Perry Knotts/Getty Images

In case you miss it yourself

🏈 Jason Kelce retires

Eagles center Jason Kelce reportedly told his teammates after Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers He’s retiring. No official announcement has been made yet. [Yahoo Sports]

βš–οΈ Trump defamation case

Donald Trump briefly attended the first day of his second defamation trial. He had previously been convicted of defaming writer E. Jean Carroll. This jury will decide how much he owes her for the comments he made before and after the initial verdict. [NBC News]

♻️ Aldi ends plastic bags

Grocery chain Aldi will no longer exist Offer a plastic bag option While checking out at its 2,300 locations. Customers can purchase cloth bags and other alternatives if they do not bring their own. [USA Today]

🎡 No doubt about the reunion

Gwen Stefani’s iconic rock band would undoubtedly do so Address: Coachella This April. The band teased a reunion – their first since 2015 – before the festival announced its lineup. [Today]

🐢 “The oldest dog in the world”

Bobby, the Portuguese mastiff who claimed the title of the world’s oldest dog ever when he died aged 31, has been temporarily stripped of his title while officials look into doubts about his age. [The Guardian]

What’s happening today

🍩You can get Pink cinnamon roll At Cinnabon today in honor of the new I mean girls film. [People]

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Today in history

Illustration: Yahoo News;  Image: LMPC via Getty Images

Illustration: Yahoo News; Image: LMPC via Getty Images

In 1929, the cartoon character Popeye, a sailor known for his unusual love of spinach, first appearance In the newspaper comic strip Thimble Theatre. [IndieWire]

3 questions

How can you make a new habit stick with you? Health editor Rachel Grauman Bender breaks down what the experts are saying He told Yahoo News.

Lily: Fact or Fiction: It takes 21 days to form a habit.

Rachel: imaginary! It can take much longer. One example: One study found that it took a full six months to establish a new exercise routine.

Lily: Why is it so hard to form a new habit?

Rachel: Simple habits can take more effort than people expect. A lack of patience and self-criticism can hinder progress.

Lily: What is your top expert tip for creating a successful habit?

Rachel: Try James Clear’s “Four Laws of Behavior Change”: Cue, desire, response and reward.

Get more from Rachel: Read it Health reports.

Getty Creative

Getty Creative

Feel-good moment

Crochet business owner Megan Rubin recently went viral after that Make a beanie For classmate Kelly Levin’s infant daughter, who was flying for the first time. β€œIt was just an unbelievable moment,” Levine said. [People]

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