Growth continues at a rapid clip across the triangle. Here are 5 places to see in 2024.


As Holly Springs City Manager, Randy Harrington knows growth. The population of his southwestern Wake County city has soared this century — from about 10,000 residents in 2000 to more than 46,000 today.

the VinFast factory is coming up 20 minutes awayBeing close to the Moncure community will only increase this trend, he says.

“I think Apex and Holly Springs might be some of the closest municipalities to VinFast,” Harrington said. “But the other important thing to keep in mind is that they will attract employees from, I bet you, 20 to 30 counties around the central region of North Carolina. So a lot of communities will feel the effects.”

An aerial view of the Chatham Park subdivision in Pittsboro Thursday, December 21, 2023.

An aerial view of the Chatham Park subdivision in Pittsboro Thursday, December 21, 2023.

Change is rarely isolated, especially in North Carolina’s high-growth triangle. The impacts of the promised 7,500-worker auto plant extend far beyond the Moncure site. a A rapid bus line in 2024 could transform east Raleigh neighborhoods Which is long awaited Grocery store in downtown Durham It could make the entire city center more livable.

As in the past 12 months, the next 12 months are expected to see an expansion of the triangle. Hundreds of apartments are being built from it Parts of Chapel Hill Mall. former Farmland in the Chatham County seat of Pittsboro It will add to the urban sprawl in the area.

Government officials, from Harrington to US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, acknowledge that the externalities of this large-scale development must be balanced. Home prices may rise. Finding housing becomes more difficult. Infrastructure is being tested, and construction disruptions are certain to occur. Historic neighborhoods are being replaced.

This is the give and take inherent in growth. In 2024, growth will continue in familiar and new ways.

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