A child was found outside a Murrells Inlet home late at night. 2 Caught leaving the child alone


A man and woman were arrested for leaving a child home alone after the child was found wandering late at night outside a Murrells Inlet residence.

Neighbors called police after seeing the child, telling officers that this was not the first time the child had been left alone, according to the police report. It is unclear how old the child is.

Ismael Enrique Navidad Velasquez, 38, and Kayna Stefania Vargas Bernal, 31, were charged Jan. 14 with child endangerment, injury or abandonment.

Velasquez also faces drug charges after what police believe was cocaine was found in a container next to the bed in the room where the toddler slept, the report said.

Horry County Police responded to Eddie Lane in Murrells Inlet around 11:30 p.m. on January 13. After speaking with the child, the officer discovered that there were no adults in the home and that he was home alone, the report said. The child told the officer that Bernal was at work. He also told officers that he stayed home alone for an extended period of time.

After calling Bernal, she told the officer that someone else was supposed to be watching the child, and she was “shocked” to learn that he was home alone.

While waiting for Bernal to return home, the child showed the officer the room where he was staying. There, officers found a bowl containing a white, powder-like substance along with a credit card in the bowl on the adjacent table. Officers determined from a field test kit that it was cocaine, according to the report.

Velasquez said that Bernal and the child regularly stay with him and that he shares his room with Bernal and the child when they stay.

Both remain in the J. Robin Long Detention Center on Tuesday.

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