Voters appear to be ignoring Donald Trump’s rhetoric


Trump cardGet away with the crazy talk

Where is the anger? Donald Trump, through his lawyers, claims absolute immunity, such that if he regains the presidency, as long as he is not first impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, he can command the military, the FBI, the CIA, or one of them. That his sons kill all his political enemies and not bring charges against them. I assume he doesn’t think Biden has that right either. How could so many Americans be fooled by this would-be dictator? Why don’t all the newspapers and TV commentators condemn Trump’s impunity contest with the national opprobrium it deserves?

Mario Liu, Palm Beach Gardens

There is no polite explanation for the events of January 6

A Washington Post reader recently wrote that “there is no evidence that the January 6 crowd was trying to overthrow the government.” Breaking windows and forcing entry into the US Capitol is not an attempt to overthrow the government? Why were they crushing that cop against a pole, pulling another back down the stairs while beating him, and spraying a substance strong enough to deter a bear, in the faces of other cops?

Helen R. Frigo, Jensen Beach

Can’t Florida move on from the Civil War?

It is difficult to understand that this is an actual bill proposed to protect and preserve “historic monuments and memorials.” I suppose this refers to the effects of the Civil War, which preserves and glorifies a misguided period in our past, the battle of slavery. It seems that the legislators and the governor want us to worship false idols.

Miles Gordon, Jupiter

Republicans are robbing women of health care

The recent cases of Brittany Watts in Ohio and Kate Cox in Texas serve as a horrific reminder of the consequences women face in states with strict abortion laws. Despite Republican assurances, women’s health emergencies were not only neglected; Their personal tragedies were exacerbated by legal prosecution and denial of basic health care. “Exceptions” to these laws are neither reliable nor humane. This systematic denial of health care is a horrific echo of the “death panels” that were once deplored. The only viable path forward is clear and urgent: We must send more Democrats to Congress, re-elect President Joe Biden, eliminate the filibuster, and firmly codify Roe v. Wade into law. This is a crucial step in ensuring that women’s health and rights are not just a matter of political debate but are protected as fundamental human rights.

Robin Rawit, Boca Raton

Youth will triumph over social media bans

Lawmakers considering social media bans for children are showing us how ignorant they are when it comes to trying to implement them. Whatever roadblocks will be erected on the roads, the youth will find a way to overcome them in a short period of time. The real observers of this are the parents.

Mike Hundley, West Palm Beach

This article originally appeared on the Palm Beach Post: Election 2024: Donald Trump gets away with crazy talk

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