Nicola Poli: A review of the police’s handling of the case will be published


A review of how police handled the disappearance of Nicola Polley will be published later this morning.

Ms Polley, 45, disappeared from St Michaels in Wyre, Lancashire, in January while walking her dog, and her body was found 23 days later just a mile from where she was last seen.

Lancashire Police has been criticized for its revelations Struggling with menopause and alcohol issues.

The College of Policing Review is scheduled to be published at 10:00 GMT.

It was commissioned by Andrew Snowden, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The review will focus on investigation, research, communication, public engagement and release of personal information.

Mrs. Polly The body was found three weeks after her disappearancewith the coroner later discovering that she had done so She accidentally fell into the river.

Police and specialist diving teams launched a massive search for the mother of two on land, sea and the River Wyre.

Bench near the River Wyre

Mrs Polley disappeared while walking her dog on the banks of the River Wyre

Ms Polley had dropped her daughters, aged six and nine, off at school and then went for her usual dog walk by the river on January 27.

Her phone, still connected to a Teams call for her job as a mortgage advisor, was found on a bench on a steep river bank overlooking the water, along with a dog leash and seat belt on the ground.

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