New footage shows a “senseless” crash that left a young woman dead in Belltown


A horrific accident in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood that claimed the life of a young woman was captured on multiple cameras.

KIRO7 just obtained surveillance video of the fatal crash in the bushes off 5th Avenue and Battery Street after a car ran that red light and collided with a King County Metro bus, which then crashed into a building and killed 28-year-old Amanda Schneider.

“It was meaningless. How did it happen?” said Carl Schneider, Amanda’s father.

Tesla’s car camera captured the effects of people running for their lives and exploding glass everywhere.

Video from 5 Wall Street shows a red Saturn driven by the suspect, 31-year-old Adam Abelson, struck a vehicle before crashing into the bus. Crews at the scene found drug paraphernalia in the Saturn driven by Abelson.

They found a pipe, a lighter and aluminum foil in the front seat. Prosecutors say Abelson has an extensive record. Before the incident, he had five active warrants for his arrest and had been convicted of robbery multiple times.

“I’m angry that this could have happened and the way it happened,” Schneider said.

But through this pain, the Schneider family remembers Amanda as the strong, loving person she was as she continued to fight for justice.

“We all want justice, but justice won’t change what happened, right?” Schneider said.

Abelson remains behind bars and his bail has been set at $3,000,000.

He is scheduled to stand trial on Monday, November 20

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