Dateline NBC: Lead investigators share inside thoughts on the Alex Murdaugh murder case


In an exclusive interview with Dateline NBC‘s Craig MelvinSouth Carolina Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Brett Dove recalls the moment he first heard Alex Murdaugh’s voice in the video found on murder victim Paul Murdaugh’s cell phone — an important piece of evidence. Alex gets convicted of murder.

“I listened to it three to four times to make sure I was hearing because I was in disbelief at the time,” Dove tells Melvin. “I immediately got on the phone with David Owen.”

“I was really excited,” SLED Special Agent Owen added.

“Why?” Melvin asked.

“Because I can prove that Alex was lying to me.”

“Did you know at that moment that the case was wide open?” Compress two files.

“Oh, yeah,” answered Owen, one of the SLED agents investigating the horrific June 7, 2021 murders of Maggie and Paul Murdough, murders for which Disgraced SC lawyer Alex Murdaughfor him He is now serving two life sentences While he faces more than a hundred other criminal charges.

SLED Special Agent David Owen.

SLED Special Agent David Owen.

in Dateline NBC Exclusively, top investigators are speaking out about the investigation into famed South Carolina attorney Richard “Alex” Murdaugh, who was convicted last March of murdering his wife and son. The interviews are part of a new two-hour segment Date line private, The Mardo Murders: Inside the Investigationairing Fridays at 9pm ET/8pm Central.

According to an NBC release, SLED investigators Brett Dove and David Owen spoke out for the first time about the moment they discovered video evidence proving that Alex was at the scene of the murders when they happened.

Dove explained to Craig Melvin of NBC News that after listening to the video Three to four times,” he was inside“Disbelief.”

SLED President Mark Keil.

SLED President Mark Keil.

Owen also revealed that after the interrogation Alex thanked him for ita job his job, then shook his hand. When asked if he was surprised by Alex’s comments, Owen replied: After she had just accused him of killing his wife and son? Oh yes“.

The Mardo Murders: Inside the Investigation It also features interviews with SLED head Mark Keel, other SLED special agents who play a pivotal role in the investigation, and former Murdoch family housekeeper Blanca Turupiat Simpson, who speaks candidly about her unique history with the Murdoch family, as well as Judge Clifton Newman, who presided over the murder. trial.

For viewers who missed Friday night’s broadcast, you can watch the show online the next day at

Murdoch has since appealed his conviction and requested a new trial on the grounds Allegations of jury tampering Against a judicial employee.

This article originally appeared on the Augusta Chronicle website: Dateline NBC: Investigators brainstorm Alex Murdaugh murders

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