Murder charges reinstated in death of former Macon police chief


Marcy Oglesby again faces murder charges in the 2022 death of former Macon Police Chief Richard Young.

The Illinois 4th District Court of Appeals on Tuesday reinstated attempted first-degree murder, first-degree murder and aggravated battery charges against Oglesby.

On October 7, 2022, remains were found Richard Young was found in a storage unit in Macon, Illinois. The Knox County State’s Attorney’s Office filed charges of concealment of a non-homicide death against Oglesby. After additional investigation in February 2023, the District Attorney’s Office charged Oglesby with murder and battery as well.

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The following month, Oglesby’s legal counsel filed a motion to dismiss the additional charges on speedy trial grounds, claiming the allegation had not been filed within the required 120-day period as dictated by the mandatory joinder rule.

Knox County Circuit Judge Andrew Doyle granted Oglesby’s motion to dismiss on the grounds that he believed the mandatory joinder rule required the state to file all charges initially and that the 120-day rule had been violated. The state Attorney General’s Office appealed Doyle’s decision.

According to a press release issued Tuesday by Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Carlin, the appeals court ruled in favor of Carlin, saying the lower court erred when it dismissed the case.

“The Court of Appeal ruled that because the concealment of a non-homicide death and the murder charges were not part of the same act or proceeding by the defendant, they were not required to be brought at the same time,” the statement read. “Specifically, Oglesby’s alleged poisoning of Richard Young was an entirely different act than concealing his remains in a storage unit. Therefore, involuntary collection did not apply and Oglesby’s rights to a speedy trial were not violated.”

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Former Macon Police Chief Richard Young

Former Macon Police Chief Richard Young

His pretrial hearing is set for Jan. 8, 2024. Oglesby remains out of jail upon his pretrial release.

As a result of the appeals court ruling, the Knox County State’s Attorney’s Office may move forward with prosecuting Oglesby on charges of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree murder, and aggravated battery.

This article originally appeared on the Rockford Register Star: A woman accused of killing a former Macon police chief has been charged again

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